Rus­sian witches reach for a por­tal to the beyond

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Spawned in the woods, rivers and moun­tains of Rus­sian port town Vladi­vos­tok, Begerith’s aura is one of chill­ing iso­la­tion and mys­ti­cism, some­thing that stems from vo­cal­ist Wiedzmin.

“It’s not a se­cret that I am hered­i­tary witch,” he says. “I saw the prophet dream, in which the crea­ture that lives in ev­ery of us was born. His name is Begerith.” Feeling like the air is of­ten filled with magic, Wiedzmin says his lyrics are “guides to the other worlds” that ex­ist on the edge of our re­al­ity.

Since the band’s for­ma­tion, Begerith have re­lo­cated to Poland, which is apt, since their sound is so rem­i­nis­cent of black­ened death ti­tans Be­he­moth, al­though Wiedzmin says he wants to be “suc­ces­sors” to the Pol­ish metal tra­di­tion. Also sim­i­lar to Ner­gal and co, spir­i­tu­al­ism and the oc­cult play a large part in the band’s dark mu­si­cal pal­ette.

“I wouldn’t say that we have a di­rect re­li­gious con­cept in our lyrics,” he says about new al­bum A.D.A.M. “A mys­ti­cal path of the soul rests in our lyrics, from birth ’til death, in­clud­ing the strug­gle and its trans­for­ma­tion in the other worlds. We speak of meta­mor­phoses, pos­ses­sion, demons and pas­sion – things each of us face dur­ing life, not even re­al­is­ing that our souls are on the bat­tle­field of ex­is­tence.

“We are against all re­li­gions,” he con­tin­ues, “be­cause they are the true evil. We see and feel through the prism of hu­man­ity’s le­gacy, choos­ing dif­fer­ent an­gles of how we look on the mul­ti­fac­eted di­a­mond of our world.”

With songs sim­ply num­bered from I to X, A.D.A.M. is a se­ries of move­ments, one co­he­sive pitch black hole belch­ing forth a pu­trid stench of un­holy death metal. In­spired by the con­cepts of pos­ses­sion, fury, love and hate, Wiedzmin says all these are added to Begerith’s caul­dron of murky venom.

“This all is a nu­clear fuel to find courage to look into the dark­est cor­ners of the hu­man soul and the world around it. Mu­sic is the main key in our jour­ney.”

Begerith: some­thing witchy this way comes

LINE-UP: Wiedzmin (vo­cals, gui­tar), Slayer (bass), Ksha­tri (gui­tar)

HOME­TOWN: War­saw, Poland

SOUNDS LIKE: Unadul­ter­ated anger and an­guish from a realm we’re not equipped to un­der­stand. FOR FANS OF: Be­he­moth, Hate, Aeon

CUR­RENT RE­LEASE: A.D.A.M. (Mino­tauro Records,


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