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Dark Fu­ture

SPINEFARM US tech met­allers dine out on their dystopian world If En­theos’s de­but al­bum, The In­fi­nite Noth­ing, sug­gested they were poised to morph from a promis­ing project into tech metal ti­tans, Dark Fu­ture con­firms it. The Amer­i­can four-piece cer­tainly have the re­quired riff chops, but they’re now de­mand­ing much more from them­selves. Ablaze with crush­ing grooves, chug­ging blast­beats and in­tri­cate polyrhythms, both The World With­out Us and Me­lan­cho­lia hur­tle to­wards you at 200mph. That said, these feral mo­ments are in­ter­spersed with swathes of am­bi­ent el­e­gance along­side haunt­ing elec­tron­ics, as on

Res­o­nance, pro­vid­ing cere­bral escapism. The ex­ploratory move­ments of Black Static (I) and the prog-tinged White Noise (II) con­found and com­bust eardrums in equal mea­sure. Mean­while, the dis­torted vo­cal rasps, mon­strous hooks and mech­a­nised gut­punches of Sus­pended An­i­ma­tion and Sun­shift (II) make it abun­dantly clear that the fu­ture is any­thing but dark for this quar­tet. FOR FANS OF: THE FACE­LESS, AN­I­MALS AS LEAD­ERS, WHITECHAPEL

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