ThE FO­Rum, LONDON JuNE 3, 2003

Metal Hammer (UK) - - Holy Vision -

It had never

been done be­fore. A full-blown, 100% live metal awards show, right in the heart of London. The big­gest names in heavy mu­sic. A live crowd. And about 15,000 litres of booze. The Metal Ham­mer Golden God Awards had of­fi­cially ar­rived. What could pos­si­bly go wrong?

This photo, fea­tur­ing that year’s Golden God win­ner, Mar­i­lyn Man­son, along­side Chino Moreno, Ville Valo, Wed­nes­day 13 and Casey Chaos, cap­tured a brief mo­ment of calm in the mid­dle of all the mad­ness.

“I remember this award show very well, as it was the first show where we were ever nom­i­nated for an award,” re­calls Wed­nes­day. “I was pretty ner­vous, and when they called our name and said we were the win­ners, we kind of all just sat there in shock and didn’t know what do. How­ever, re­ceiv­ing the award at the first Metal Ham­mer Golden Gods Awards is some­thing I will never for­get. That adren­a­line rush of win­ning was some­thing be­yond words.”

Fif­teen years later, we go once again. Head over to www.met­al­ham­mer.com for all the info on this year’s awards.

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