‘Naughty Tory El­ph­icke turned into nasty bully’


A FOR­MER MP who chased a woman around his home chant­ing ‘I’m a naughty Tory’ turned into a ‘ nasty bully’ when a sec­ond sex­ual as­sault vic­tim told him she was not ‘ up for any­thing’, a court heard.

Char­lie El­ph­icke, 49, be­came ‘ re­ally scary’ and searched the par­lia­men­tary worker’s bag af­ter she rejected his ad­vances dur­ing a lunch break, South­wark crown court was told.

The al­leged vic­tim, who was in her 20s, said the for­mer Con­ser­va­tive MP for Dover later promised it would not hap­pen again – and shook her hand.

El­ph­icke is ac­cused of sex­u­ally assaulting the woman twice in 2016. He is also ac­cused of at­tack­ing an­other woman at his home in 2007.

The woman said in a video in­ter­view with po­lice: ‘I worked so hard to get in par­lia­ment. At lunch he said, “Do you have a boyfriend?” I said, “No”, and he said, “Why not?” I said, “I don’t want one, they are a waste of time” – and that’s when he put his hand over my leg. He went, “You know, I still re­ally like you”. And I was like, “Yes, I know, but I’ve told you I don’t like you”.

‘And then he said, “Oh, why didn’t you say so ear­lier?” I was shocked. I said, “I didn’t. Like, how can you say I’m up for any­thing?” That was the turn­ing point... that was when he turned nasty. There was fury in his eyes.’

His al­leged vic­tim said he told her, ‘Do you think I’m scary?’ – and then ri­fled through her bag.

She added: ‘ That an­gered me so much. You can in­sult me, you can bully me but don’t go through my things.

‘Later on, he said, “I be­haved ter­ri­bly and I’ve been in­cred­i­bly in­ap­pro­pri­ate and it won’t hap­pen again”.’

For­mer Tory whip and trea­sury min­is­ter El­ph­icke de­nies three charges of sex­ual as­sault. His 49-year-old wife, Natalie, who re­placed him as MP for Dover, has been ac­com­pa­ny­ing him to court ev­ery day. The trial con­tin­ues.


United front: Char­lie El­ph­icke ar­rives at court with wife Natalie, who re­placed him as Tory MP for Dover, yes­ter­day

Tragic: Fire crews at scene. Inset, our re­port

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