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METRO 35 | | Friday, July 10, 2020 of the Bristol monument to the slave trader. ‘Because although it was a mixed crowd, most of the people toppling it, kneeling on it and rolling it into the harbour, were white.’ However, there is much more to do, Hugh suggests. He points out that the venerable drama schools who have expressed support for BLM have been called out by black graduates who were only able to play black characters while there as students. ‘It would be heartening if other institutio­ns – like the Church of England, like the Oxbridge colleges – would acknowledg­e that they have benefited enormously from plantation­s,’ he says. ‘They should probably raise the issue of reparation­s. It was the slave owners who were massively compensate­d for the end of slavery. But the slaves? Nothing.’ Still, Hugh reckons we are genuinely seeing ‘a moment’, even though it is a moment also defined by Covid. The disease has affected Hugh’s work less than many actors because filming for Holby, which he rejoined after his run as Othello, is expected to restart in weeks. ‘I’ve fared rather better than some of my colleagues who were all set to do plays. I don’t know how many theatres are going to be able to reopen after this. ‘It’s touch and go and very alarming. And even if they do return, who’s going to be able to afford £150 to see Hamilton?’ But when theatres do reopen he would still recommend that black actors take on the role of Othello. ‘Why? Because only by playing the role can we expose its racist assumption­s and address them.’ Othello will be broadcast on BBC Four at 9.30pm on Sunday, ■ riotousnes­s. Ru Paul’s Drag Race favourite Crystal, drag king Chiyo and punk horror drag superstar Baby Lame are among those serving up a mix of cabaret, circus, comedy and burlesque. Buy the filmed performanc­e for £7, or £10 including a donation to the Colours Youth Network, which provides support to LGBT+ young people of colour. Until July 31, PASS OVER organised by actor Bertie Carvel and has been broadcasti­ng audio production­s of plays that were abruptly shunted off our stages when the lockdown began back in March. Those you can now listen to include E. V. Crowe’s surreal tragi-comedy Shoe Lady, starring Katherine Parkinson, and Winsome Pinnock’s compelling exploratio­n of Britain’s involvemen­t in the slave trade, Rockets And Blue Lights. There is also a fascinatin­g discussion about the post-pandemic future of theatre featuring Carvel himself and Roy Alexander Weise. MARIAH & FRIENDZ TALKING SHAKESPEAR­E With summer Pride events cancelled around the country, a group of London’s finest queer performers, known collective­ly as Mariah & Friendz, have created a special Virtual Pride show to provide some compensato­ry Royal Shakespear­e Company artistic director Gregory Doran has assembled a stellar cast of stage and screen favourites to join him for a series of intimate Zoom chats about the Bard, their memories of the RSC and more. LOCKDOWN THEATRE FESTIVAL PLYMOUTH POINT Book while you still can for this ingenious interactiv­e mystery created Sadly we are into the final few days of this BBC initiative, which was Until July 12, HUGH MONTGOMERY PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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