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It’s easy to get to grips with Kodi, but if you’re new to it, then you may want to take a look at this quick guide.

Fami­larise your­self This is the main Kodi in­ter­face. It’s sim­ple enough, with a bar run­ning across the cen­tre con­tain­ing var­i­ous op­tions in­clud­ing Pic­tures, Videos, Mu­sic, Pro­grams and a sec­tion that al­lows you to delve into the set­tings. We’re go­ing to look at the videos first, so nav­i­gate to the Videos op­tion and se­lect it.

The Kodi browser Kodi is able to browse for files on your de­vice, and it does so with an in­tu­itive in­ter­face. To get go­ing, click on the op­tion for Files. You can then look for lo­cally stored fold­ers and videos to play. It’s al­ways a good idea to have some good house­keep­ing at this point, oth­er­wise search­ing will be­come a pain.

Pro­duce a playlist You can also quickly pro­duce playlists. These are great for bring­ing lots of re­lated video to­gether, but they have the ad­van­tage of au­to­mat­i­cally up­dat­ing depend­ing on the rules you cre­ate. Just click ‘Playlist’ and fill in the form, giv­ing it a name, adding rules and se­lect­ing whether you want to im­pose any lim­its.

Add Video Sources It’s good to get into the habit of plac­ing your me­dia in a cer­tain lo­ca­tion. You can tell Kodi what your video sources are, with the app al­low­ing you to make use of lo­cal me­dia, file shares, re­mov­able USB drives and so on. By click­ing ‘Add’, you can have mul­ti­ple sources, mak­ing for a com­pre­hen­sive me­dia cen­tre.

Get Add Ons To get the very best out of Kodi, you need to ob­tain some add-ons – pack­ages that al­low you to add fea­tures and func­tions depend­ing on your needs. There are dozens and

dozens of them cre­ated by third par­ties and the Kodi team, and you can find suit­able video add-ons by se­lect­ing ‘Get More’.

Find­ing add-ons Sim­ply scroll down the list of ad­dons, read­ing the de­scrip­tions in the right-hand box and work­ing out if it will work well for you. Don’t worry about mak­ing any mis­takes. The add-on man­ager un­der the Sys­tem tab of the home page lets you work all sorts of magic on them so have a delve around.

Play some mu­sic As well as video, you can also en­joy lis­ten­ing to mu­sic, pulling me­dia from var­i­ous sources. Go to the Mu­sic tab, and you’ll find it works in much the same way as Video, al­low­ing you to lo­cate var­i­ous tunes stored by the likes of Ama­zon MP3, iTunes and on your lo­cal drives.

Stay in con­trol As you’d ex­pect, you have full con­trol over your me­dia, let­ting you rewind, fast-for­ward, skip, play, pause and so on us­ing the on-screen play­ing func­tions. A vi­su­aliser will ap­pear af­ter a while, to give you a nice vis­ual rep­re­sen­ta­tion of your tunes. Any movies you watch will ap­pear in the back­ground when you switch to the main screen.

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