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Plan­ning a new sys­tem build is al­ways a bal­anc­ing act. You want to get as much power and speed as you can, but you also have to be re­al­is­tic about what you can af­ford. The same goes with any up­grade, in fact.

My most re­cent pur­chase was a new graph­ics card, af­ter my old one not only started get­ting a bit long in the tooth, but I also man­aged to break part of it. For a while, I looked at Nvidia’s new flag­ship card, be­fore get­ting real and ad­mit­ting I’d never ac­tu­ally be able to af­ford one.

In­stead, I opted for an AMD card, one that I know will age a lot quicker than the more ex­pen­sive mod­els. It is, how­ever, still a re­ally good piece of kit, and I know that I should get at least an­other five years out of my PC thanks to its pres­ence.

Bet­ter hard­ware will, of course, be just around the cor­ner, but there’s only so much look­ing to the fu­ture you can do be­fore it drives you crazy. Nev­er­the­less, if some­thing great is com­ing soon, it can be worth wait­ing some­times.

Noth­ing’s ever sim­ple, is it?

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