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Speedlink re­cently un­veiled a pair of gam­ing mice at Gamescom: the De­cus Re­spec, which we’ve reviewed in a pre­vi­ous is­sue of Mi­cro Mart, and this, the Om­nivi Core. (In case you’re in­ter­ested, the name comes from Omni Visu­alise.)

The Om­nivi is quite sim­i­lar in de­sign to it sib­ling De­cus Re­spec, with some sub­tle dif­fer­ences. There’s the flar­ing of the mouse chas­sis at its base, al­low­ing you to rest your right-hand ring and lit­tle fin­ger on an ex­tended alu­minium shelf, while the thumb rests on a smaller ex­tended sec­tion. The two main left and right but­tons are in­dented to com­fort­ably fit the fingers, and the rear of the mouse rises gen­tly to fill the palm of the hand.

It’s a good er­gonomic feel, and Speedlink has done an ex­cel­lent job of mak­ing the mouse look as smooth-lined as pos­si­ble, while still keep­ing the gam­ing ag­gres­sive­ness that is now the ac­cepted norm for gam­ing pe­riph­er­als. The rub­berised fin­ish and all alu­minium chas­sis, 1.8m braided USB ca­ble and pre­cise laser sen­sor all make for a sturdy and pro­fes­sional gam­ing mouse in a highly com­pet­i­tive mar­ket.

The Om­nivi has ten freely con­fig­urable but­tons, which also in­clude four side-mounted thumb but­tons that by de­fault ac­ti­vate for­ward, back, au­to­matic (or rapid/con­tin­ual) fire, and a Sniper Mode, which when pressed will lower the DPI to al­low you to fo­cus in on a tar­get while look­ing down the scope of a ri­fle.

In ad­di­tion to the side but­tons, there are also a cou­ple of me­dia vol­ume but­tons po­si­tioned just above the left-click but­ton, raised slightly, within easy reach of the fin­ger. As we men­tioned, each of the but­tons can be con­fig­ured to pretty much any­thing you want across any of the five avail­able pro­files. There’s also a macro recorder and ed­i­tor to ex­tend the func­tion­al­ity fur­ther.

The soft­ware, be­yond the pro­files, but­ton set­ting and macro as­sign­ments, can al­ter the LED light­ing that sur­rounds the bot­tom of the mouse, the wheel and an area on the back with the Om­nivi logo. There’s the op­tion to con­fig­ure the DPI set­tings from 800 to an im­pres­sive 12,000, and to ad­just the polling rate up to 1,000Hz.

In use, the Om­nivi per­forms ex­tremely well. It’s ac­cu­rate, sen­si­tive and is very com­fort­able to use over long pe­ri­ods. One is­sue we’ve had with mice fea­tur­ing a side­mounted set of but­tons is our re­flex press­ing of those but­tons when we don’t want to. If you sud­denly swipe to the left, there’s a chance your thumb can hit one of the side but­tons, caus­ing you to do some­thing you weren’t ex­pect­ing, which when in a com­pet­i­tive game can have a size­able im­pact. The Om­nivi, though, man­ages to avoid this is­sue, with the but­tons be­ing slightly spread apart around the thumb po­si­tion and a lit­tle harder to de­press than the other but­tons on the mouse.

There are some good de­sign de­ci­sions used through­out the Om­nivi that we re­ally ap­pre­ci­ate. Speedlink has re­leased a com­pet­i­tive mouse that ticks all the right boxes in terms of per­for­mance and fea­tures, and it only costs £59.99.

An­other well-pre­sented and de­signed pe­riph­eral from Speedlink –ne that’s cer­tainly worth pur­chas­ing.

An ex­cel­lent mouse, with tons of fea­tures and great de­sign

The Om­nivi Core is a crack­ing gam­ing mouse

There’s loads of fea­tures, LED light­ing and pro­gram­mable op­tions to en­joy

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