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Story Of The Blues

I’ve just pur­chased a Roberts Eco4 Bt ra­dio. This sup­ports Blue­tooth, and I’ve now tried to pair three sets of head­phones to it, with­out success. Have you any idea what I’m do­ing wrong (as­sum­ing the ra­dio isn’t faulty)?


As far as I can tell, Will, the Eco4 Bt can re­ceive Blue­tooth au­dio but not trans­mit it. It’ll al­low the user to stream mu­sic from an­other de­vice, such as a phone, tablet, or MP3 player, but I don’t think the re­verse is true. It looks as though it’s not pos­si­ble to stream mu­sic *to* an­other de­vice.

Blue­tooth au­dio stream­ing uses A2DP (Ad­vanced Au­dio Dis­tri­bu­tion Pro­file). This sup­ports both re­ceiv­ing and trans­mit­ting, but most de­vices are de­signed for only one or the other. I’m not sure, but it could be that head­phone pair­ing also re­quires HSP (Head­set Pro­file), and your Roberts def­i­nitely doesn’t fea­ture that (view the man­ual at A pro­file, by the way, is a sort of driver that de­ter­mines what be­hav­iour a Blue­tooth de­vice sup­ports.

One so­lu­tion is to buy a Blue­tooth trans­mit­ter. This would plug into the ra­dio’s 3.5mm head­phone socket, con­vert the ana­logue sig­nal to dig­i­tal, and pump it out via Blue­tooth. Your head­phones would have no trou­ble pair­ing with some­thing like that. Have a browse in the usual on­line shops – prices start from around a ten­ner.

You may want to con­sider a Blue­tooth trans­ceiver – a 3.5mm unit that’ll work both ways. They’re barely any more ex­pen­sive. Such a de­vice is a great way to breathe new life into an old hi-fi. Some old hi-fis are just too good to throw away, but they can be lim­ited in to­day’s world by hav­ing no wire­less con­nec­tiv­ity. Shove a Blue­tooth re­ceiver into the mic or aux socket and you’re straight back in 2016, able to stream to the hi-fi from phones and tabs and so on, ef­fec­tively cre­at­ing a gi­ant sound dock.

A 3.5mm Blue­tooth re­ceiver is a great way to make a non-wire­less au­dio de­vice use­ful again

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