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This week in Com­po­nent Watch, we’re look­ing at bud­get head­phones and head­sets. Whether you want a cheap pair for lis­ten­ing to mu­sic or some­thing to give your PC the same com­mu­ni­ca­tion ca­pa­bil­i­ties as your con­sole, this se­lec­tion of deals should al­low you to do it with­out spend­ing too much!

Deal 1: Sony MDR-ZX110 RRP: £19.99 / Deal Price: £12.23 Avail­able in ei­ther white or pink, these fold­able head­phones from Sony are an ideal por­ta­ble pair. They fold down small, have a min­i­mal­ist but stylish de­sign, and a 1.2m cord means there’s no worry about reach­ing your phone but that you won’t find your­self tan­gled up ei­ther. Gold-plated con­tacts and 30mm driv­ers en­sure an ex­cel­lent sound too. They aren’t what you’d call fea­ture-packed, but they’re com­fort­able, look good, and sound good. Not bad for £12. Where to get it: Trans­par­ent –

Deal 2: Trust GXT10 RRP: £24.99 / Deal Price: £13.37 The Trust GXT10 is a gam­ing head­set by Trust which only costs a lit­tle more than the Sony head­phones, but in­cor­po­rates a lot more. So in ad­di­tion to the head­phones, you get a mi­cro­phone for voice chat and an in­line vol­ume con­trol – and while it’s not fold­able or as stylish-look­ing as the last pair, the fact that you can do more with it is prob­a­bly enough to make it worth check­ing out. Where to get it: Rapid Elec­tron­ics –

Deal 3: Mi­crosoft LifeChat LX-3000 RRP: £29.99 / Deal Price: £15.88 Mi­crosoft’s PC pe­riph­er­als have al­ways been solid stuff, and the LifeChat LX-3000 head­set is no dif­fer­ent. It con­nects over USB for fully dig­i­tal, crys­tal-clear sound, and has a noise-can­celling mi­cro­phone to en­sure that you get clean in­put as well as out­put. A six­foot cable with in-line vol­ume and ad­di­tional on-unit voice call con­trols mean it’s easy to con­trol your ex­pe­ri­ence with­out hav­ing to be near a key­board or mouse. Not bad for the money, but when you aren’t pay­ing RRP it gets even bet­ter. Where to get it: CCL On­line –

Deal 4: Cor­sair Rap­tor HS30 RRP: £32.99 / Deal Price: £28.98 The Cor­sair Rap­tor is a high-end gam­ing head­set with large 40mm neodymium driv­ers for a clear and ro­bust sound. The noise-can­celling mi­cro­phone screens out back­ground noise and is fully ad­justable, while the closed-back earpads keep sound in with­out com­pro­mis­ing on com­fort. In­line con­trols give you the abil­ity to change the vol­ume or mute the au­dio in­stantly. Fi­nally, it’s com­pat­i­ble with Mac, PC and PS4, and there’s an adap­tor avail­able if you want to use it with the Xbox as well. Where to get it: ly/2gaSljo Scan – bit.

Deal 5: SteelSeries Siberia P100 RRP: £37 / Deal Price: £28.99 SteelSeries have a great gam­ing pedi­gree, but that doesn’t mean their hard­ware isn’t gen­eral pur­pose. The SteelSeries Siberia head­phones are com­fort­able and study, but re­laxed and light­weight. Their mesh pad­ding al­lows heat to dis­si­pate so your ears don’t get too hot, and the on­board mic is sen­si­tive and clear de­spite be­ing in­vis­i­bly em­bed­ded inside the unit it­self. Its USB con­nec­tion is com­pat­i­ble with the PS4 and it also has built-in LEDs for a classy ap­pear­ance. Not much to hate here. Where to get it: Zavvi – bit. ly/2h6C1zP

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