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• Price: Free • Man­u­fac­turer: Paragon • Web­site: • Re­quire­ments: 1GB RAM, 700MHz CPU

We reviewed Paragon Res­cue Kit 11 back in 2011 and while good it re­ally only ever touched the tip of the res­cue disc ice­berg, leav­ing out many of the ad­di­tional and use­ful tools that the other res­cue discs fea­tured out of the box. Has it im­proved since then?

The Paragon Res­cue Kit is a lit­tle dif­fer­ent from what we’ve al­ready looked at. This is a Win­dows PE-based res­cue desk­top, one that down­loads to a rea­son­ably sized 300MB ex­e­cutable. From there you can opt to cre­ate a Win­dows PE ISO where you’ll boot into in the event of an un­bootable PC. To note, though, you will need a free li­cence num­ber from Paragon, but the link is avail­able from the setup process.

Once the bootable en­vi­ron­ment is cre­ated and you’re in you can eas­ily nav­i­gate the avail­able op­tions. There’s a backup to a vir­tual disk op­tion, re­store from vir­tual disk, ac­cess to the user manual, a more tra­di­tional backup and re­store func­tion – that backs up to a net­work re­source or sec­ond drive (in­ter­nal or ex­ter­nal), an op­tion to trans­fer any files and to load any spe­cific driv­ers, such as a RAID setup.

Within each of the avail­able op­tions are fur­ther set­tings that will fix your boot sec­tor, a pass­word cleaner to wipe all cur­rent Win­dows pass­words and a Win­dows registry edi­tor, among others.

The en­vi­ron­ment is rea­son­ably quick, and it’s cer­tainly friendly enough for the vast ma­jor­ity of users, since it’s Win­dows PE as op­posed to a Linux desk­top. How­ever, de­spite the new en­vi­ron­ment look, com­pared to ver­sion 11, which we reviewed all those years ago, it feels like a lot was left out of Paragon Res­cue Kit 14.

True, it’ll do a good job of get­ting your PC back on its feet again. But it’s miss­ing a virus scan­ner and a more ad­vanced way of get­ting to the files and fold­ers, espe­cially the per­mis­sions of each. These are all el­e­ments that come with AVG, Dr.Web and Sys­temRes­cueCD – mi­nus the AV side of things with Sys­temRes­cueCD.

The feel­ing then that Paragon Res­cue Kit 14 is still only the tip of the res­cue tool­box ice­berg is once again pre­sent. There’s plenty more the com­pany could do to im­prove the avail­able tools and to add others.

While good, then, and cer­tainly wor­thy of check­ing out, we feel it’s just not quite up to the same stan­dard as some of the other discs in this group test.

way of get­ting to the files

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