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Iwas look­ing for a spe­cific book on Linux com­mands the other day, as a kind of re-learn­ing and get­ting back to the CLI af­ter I re­alised I had been spend­ing far too much time us­ing the GUI way of nav­i­gat­ing and con­trol­ling Linux. Af­ter some Googling, I was quite sur­prised as to how many free books or eBooks, if you will, are avail­able for Linux. Nat­u­rally, there are loads for other sys­tems, pro­grams and what­nots, but since it was Linux I was search­ing for they were the ones that cropped up. Get­ting Started Guide to Linux Ste­fan Neagu ( Make Use Of of­ten has some de­cent guides on its site, one of which is this handy get­ting started guide. Ad­mit­tedly, it’s look­ing a lit­tle old these days and tends to deal in dis­tros that have since been up­dated many times over, but the core es­sen­tials are there re­gard­ing how to get a dis­tro, burn it to disc or write to USB and how to in­stall it. If you’re a be­gin­ner, then this is still quite a use­ful re­source that's worth a look. Ad­vanced Linux Pro­gram­ming CodeSourcery LLC ( As the ti­tle sug­gests, this is a more ad­vanced look at de­vel­op­ing within a Linux en­vi­ron­ment. If you al­ready know C, and can find your way around Linux then I imag­ine this would be a great ref­er­ence to have at hand. If you’re just start­ing out, how­ever, then there’s enough in here to keep you busy for weeks on end.

Need­less to say these are just the tip of the ice­berg, there are hun­dreds more out there wait­ing to be read and ab­sorbed by hun­gry minds.

All of this makes me won­der what else is out there – and what read­ing ma­te­rial you would rec­om­mend to some­one who’s start­ing out in Linux, or who is af­ter some­thing a lit­tle more spe­cific to ref­er­ence.

True enough, it’s easy to sim­ply Google a ques­tion, but more of­ten than not you’ll get an over­in­flated answer or some­thing com­pletely wrong. That’s where a good book comes in to its own and can help guide you to the path of en­light­en­ment. Or so we think, any­way.

More of­ten than not you’ll get an over-in­flated answer or

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