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I'm new to com­put­ing, which will no-doubt be­come very ap­par­ent as you read my query. Sim­ply, I can­not find files that I down­load onto my lap­top. I go to a web­site and click to down­load the file, and that's it.

There's no pop-up or any­thing, the file is down­loaded (at least I think it is), but I get no in­di­ca­tion of where it should be.

I was un­der the im­pres­sion that all files down­loaded went to my users folder, or into the folder ap­pro­pri­ately ti­tled Down­loads, but when I look there, I can­not find any files I've down­loaded at all. So, I'm at a loss, and can­not find files I down­load.

The only way I've been able to do so is to run the file when I click on it. This can work for pro­grams and in­stal­la­tions, but if I want to down­load a file that I can't run, I'm lost. Please help.


I'm as­sum­ing you have a Win­dows lap­top, but are not us­ing In­ter­net Ex­plorer to down­load your files, and/ or may have changed set­ting some­how with your browser of choice. The rea­son I say this is be­cause the down­load folder you'll find in your user ac­count is used by many browsers, such as Chrome, and IE will use the Down­loads folder you'll find in Ex­plorer. As you're not see­ing any files in these fold­ers, you're ei­ther us­ing a browser that doesn't use this lo­ca­tion, or the de­faults have changed.

This be­ing the case, you'll need to check in dif­fer­ent lo­ca­tions for these, and if any­thing has been changed. You can do this by go­ing in to your browser set­tings and look­ing for the down­loads sec­tion. Here you should see the lo­ca­tion the browser is us­ing for down­loads, and can set it to what­ever you like,

Browsers will also al­low you to spec­ify where you want to down­load files

in­clud­ing the de­fault user pro­file lo­ca­tion.

In In­ter­net Ex­plorer, you can find this by open­ing up the browser and then click­ing the set­tings icon (that's the 'cog' icon) to the top-right and then go­ing into View Down­loads. Not only will you find all of the down­loads listed here, but you can click Op­tions at the bot­tom-left and you'll be able to browse to the ac­tual down­loads folder, and can change it to some­thing else.

In Chrome, a very pop­u­lar browser, you'll find the down­loads by de­fault in your user pro­file down­load folder. To check this set­ting, open Chrome and click the el­lip­sis icon to the top right and se­lect Down­loads to view items. To check the lo­ca­tion and change it, click Set­tings in­stead and then scroll down and click Show Ad­vanced Set­tings. Here you'll find the down­loads sec­tion where you can iden­tify and change the folder used.

Both of these browsers, and most others will also al­low you to spec­ify where you want to down­load files man­u­ally when you click a down­load link. This is a good idea if you pre­fer to keep tabs on files, and of­ten wish to down­load them to spe­cific lo­ca­tions with­out hav­ing to move files af­ter the fact.

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