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Retro com­put­ing projects tend to be a labour of love, so it’s no sur­prise they end up on Kick­starter. Here are two retro-themed com­put­ing de­vices that’ll take you back to the days when games were games…

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Raspi Boy

Based on the Rasp­berry Pi Zero, the Raspi Boy is a hand­held games con­sole de­signed for em­u­la­tion, with a built- in con­troller and cus­tom- made cas­ing. De­signed to be easy- assem­bly, you can put a Raspi Boy to­gether from its raw parts in five min­utes. All you need to do is add a Rasp­berry Pi Zero and you’re away.

Of course, the kit doesn’t in­clude the em­u­la­tion soft­ware and games for le­gal rea­sons, so it’s up to you to make sure you’ve got those cov­ered in what­ever way your con­science al­lows. Other than that, you’ll find it’s able to con­nect to HDMI screens and ac­cept ad­di­tional gamepads through USB for up to fourper­son mul­ti­player gam­ing. It has a built- in speaker, head­phone jack and thumb­wheel vol­ume con­trol.

Your kit in­cludes the case, screen, con­troller board and but­tons, bat­tery, con­sole con­trol board and an 8GB SD card, and there are ex­tra upgrades avail­able to buy if you like ( such as a larger bat­tery). The whole pack­age costs just 69 (£ 58) though if you’re lucky there might still be cheaper early bird prices avail­able when you read this. The project’s 50,000 seems eas­ily reach­able, but the ear­lier you back the ear­lier you’ll get your hands on one! URL: kck. st/ 2gaJMF6 Fund­ing Ends: Fri­day, Jan­uary 6th 2017

All­cade Retro Con­soles

All­cade pre­vi­ously put to­gether the All­cade 5000, a retro gam­ing sys­tem in a full-size ar­cade cab­i­net. Now it’s go­ing in the op­po­site di­rec­tion with the new All­cade, which fits an en­tire retro gam­ing con­sole inside the Nin­tendo car­tridge of your choice.

The de­vice comes in three main flavours: the 8- bit All­cade, which is housed inside a NES car­tridge case with a USB All­cade Con­troller ( re­sem­bling the clas­sic NES con­troller) and power sup­ply. The 16- bit model has a ( US- style) SNES car­tridge and USB con­troller, while the 64- bit model comes inside an N64 car­tridge with an N64 con­troller. Each ver­sion is back­wards ( but not for­wards) com­pat­i­ble and is based on a Rasp­berry Pi 3, so it’s easy to add new em­u­la­tors and games. You can even pay ex­tra for ad­di­tional con­trollers.

If you don’t mind a bit of sol­der­ing, the cheap­est ver­sion comes com­pletely dis­sem­bled and costs just Can$30. Pre­assem­bled 8-bit All­cades cost Can$149, while the 64-bit All­cade costs Can$199. The project just has to hit its Can$10,000 goal and we don’t think there’s much dan­ger of that not hap­pen­ing. As­sum­ing it does, de­vices will aim to ship in Jan­uary 2017, so there’s not much time left. Much bet­ter than a Mini-NES! URL: kck. st/ 2gCHKK4 Fund­ing Ends: Sun­day, Jan­uary 1st 2017

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