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Across: 7 Eaves­drop­ping, 8 Schema, 9 Sickie, 10 Ja­maica, 12 Ex­cel, 14 Adata, 16 Mea­sure, 19 Steely, Rem­edy, 22 Col­lo­qui­al­ism. Down: 1 Calc, 2 Gen­era, 3 Ad­vance, 4 6 En­gi­neer, 11 Au­di­tion, 13 Ter­rain, 15 Sam­ple, 18 MySQL, 21 Dash. DIS­CLAIMER The views ex­pressed by con­trib­u­tors are not nec­es­sar­ily those of the pub­lish­ers. Ev­ery care is taken to en­sure that the con­tents of the mag­a­zine are ac­cu­rate but the pub­lish­ers can­not ac­cept re­spon­si­bil­ity for er­rors. While rea­son­able care is taken when ac­cept­ing ad­ver­tise­ments, the pub­lish­ers can­not ac­cept any re­spon­si­bil­ity for any re­sult­ing un­sat­is­fac­tory trans­ac­tions. Deal­ing with Christ­mas, cer­tainly at the ages most of the Mi­cro Mart team are, is largely about deny­ing one’s nat­u­ral in­stincts and un­der­stand­ing that it’s Not All About You. As such, not only do we have to put aside our nat­u­ral state of hum­bug­gish­ness (see last week’s Dis­claimer for more de­tails) in or­der to rus­tle up the req­ui­site bon­homie the sea­son 20

Boost, 5 SpaceX, Tre­ble, 17 de­mands, we also have to ac­cept the re­al­ity that we’re prob­a­bly not go­ing to get what we want. Our cop­ing mech­a­nism for this is to con­di­tion our­selves to ac­cept that socks are a handy ne­ces­sity, shower gel use­ful, Jamie Oliver cook­books good for stick­ing un­der mon­i­tors to raise them to a com­fort­able height, Christ­mas bonuses a non-starter, a peace­ful and/or pros­per­ous new year un­likely un­til the kids fin­ish Univer­sity in 2025 (and then only slightly less un­likely), the Jan­uary sales just around the cor­ner, and our sig­nif­i­cant others don’t know about the money we squir­relled away for that VR head­set ear­lier in the year. Oh, did we say that last bit out loud..? We did..? Okay, well, hope­fully you don’t know our sig­nif­i­cant other and we can trust you not to give away our lit­tle se­cret... More Stollen, Vicar?

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