What have we done to be so hated?

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WITH the 10th an­niver­sary of Septem­ber 11 close upon us, we’ve heard a lot more of the ques­tion “Why do the Mus­lims hate us so much?”

Per­haps re­cent events in Libya give us a clue.

We cap­tured sus­pected Is­lamic mil­i­tants, bun­dled them up as “air cargo” and then sent them to Tripoli where Colonel Gaddafi’s top tor­tur­ers tap-danced on their tes­ti­cles.

Our own spe­cial forces trained mem­bers of the Libyan army — the same units that car­ried out the worst atroc­i­ties in the civil war.

And mem­bers of our se­cu­rity ser­vices who dealt with Gaddafi’s regime have gone off to work for the oil com­pa­nies who did best out of us chum­ming up to the mon­ster.

You do not need to have a beard or stand in a tower yo­delling at dawn to think all the above is a bit rum. LAST week I said the BBC were be­ing leaned on to put com­mu­nist rag The Morn­ing Star in their pa­per re­views.

And on Satur­day morn­ing, there was The Morn­ing Star mast­head be­hind the bloke re­view­ing news­pa­pers on BBC Break­fast news.

It may have been there be­fore, but it caught my eye on Satur­day.

And on the BBC web­site last week, there was a long es­say in praise of Karl Marx — the fa­ther of com­mu­nism.

These ar­se­holes won’t ac­cept that com­mu­nism is wrong, and com­mu­nists are ei­ther mad or bad.

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