Be­ing older means I know ex­actly what I want in bed

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and all you can see is clouds. Some­times his deputy comes in half­way through and joins in as well. JAN­ICE: That sounds nice. There’s some­thing about pi­lots isn’t there?

I have a thing about be­ing tied up and left. Once, my ex­hus­band walked into the lounge, stripped my clothes off me then dragged me to the kitchen, hand­cuffed me to a cab­i­net and walked off. I had no idea when he would be back or what he was go­ing to do to me but I’ll tell you some­thing, it was a bloody turn-on! When he did come back about ten min­utes later he turned me over and gave one hell of a roger­ing. It was pretty good, prob­a­bly one of our sex­ual high­lights.


SUE: Have you ever had a three­some? JAN­ICE: Are you of­fer­ing? SUE: That’s not what I meant, but I’m game if you are! JAN­ICE: You be­ing se­ri­ous? SUE: No, don’t be daft! We’re close, but not that close.

Any­way, I’ll an­swer the ques­tion. I did ac­tu­ally have a three­some when I was in my twen­ties. I was on a night out with a woman who I worked with. It was more of a four­some, though — does that count as an orgy?

We got talk­ing to these two guys and went back to one guy’s flat. I was on a sofa with one and she was with the other. I was mind­ing my own busi­ness, get­ting stuck into my man, and looked over to see she was giv­ing head.

We stopped and started watch­ing, it was such a turn on, and they seemed to get off on us watch­ing them. Me and my bloke started hav­ing sex and we all sort of swapped around. It was great fun! JAN­ICE: Wasn’t it awk­ward the next day in the of­fice? Sue: Nah, f*ck it, life’s for liv­ing.


JAN­ICE: Have you ever had sex any­where weird? SUE: Oh yes! I’ve done it on the top deck of a bus on my way home from a night out — with a bloke I’d just met on the bus!

I’ve also done it on the train a few times. I’m a bit of a closet pub­lic trans­port shag­ger, aren’t I? I’ve done it in the car park of a McDon­alds as well. JAN­ICE: Did you? How did that hap­pen? SUE: I was about 17 and had been on a date with this guy. He picked me up from my par­ent’s house and took me to the drive-through. We just sat there in si­lence un­til he leaned over and kissed me in that awk­ward teen way. He was the first per­son I ever gave a blow job to. NAME: Sue Raine AGE: 34 FROM: Stock­port OC­CU­PA­TION: Wait­ress RE­LA­TION­SHIP STA­TUS: Mar­ried FAVE DRINK: Vodka FAVE FOOD: Ke­babs FAVE FILM: Pretty Woman FAVE AC­TOR: Gary Old­man


SUE: Have you taken it up the bum? JAN­ICE: God, get straight to the point, why don’t you! Erm, yes on oc­ca­sions I have. I think it’s a bit like Mar­mite — I’m not mean­ing that in a gross way. I just mean peo­ple ei­ther seem to love it or hate it.

I’m prob­a­bly more lean­ing to­wards hat­ing it, but I have done it when my ex wanted to, usu­ally on his birth­day or if I wanted to get him to do some­thing nice like take me out for din­ner. SUE: Did you en­joy it? JAN­ICE: Not re­ally. For a man it’s all nice and tight and they shove it up and Bob’s your un­cle. It must feel fab hav­ing some­thing that tight around your cock. But I don’t think men get, or care, how un­com­fort­able it is for us. Plus, there’s no G-spot or any­thing up there so it’s just a few min­utes of pain, or how­ever long it takes them to shoot their load.

So come on then, why am I do­ing all the talk­ing? Have you done it? SUE: Yes, I have. I don’t want to sound slutty but there’s some­thing about it I quite en­joy, es­pe­cially when your part­ner pushes your head down into the pil­low, grabs your hips or bum cheeks and just “takes you”. I love big proper dom­i­nant men who just do what they want to me in bed. It’s such a turn-on!


JAN­ICE: So what’s the best po­si­tion for sex? SUE: I like me on top, him on top, from be­hind, sit­ting sex, me sit­ting on his face, 69-ers, ...erm, should I go on? JAN­ICE: If you could only do one for the rest of time then what would it be?

SUE: Je­sus, just one? That’s hard. I like to do a va­ri­ety ev­ery time we have sex.

Okay, if I ab­so­lutely had to choose then it’d be doggy, me on top. Ac­tu­ally no, I’ll stick with doggy. Like I said be­fore, I like be­ing sub­mis­sive and that’s quite a sub­mis­sive po­si­tion. Also, I have very sen­si­tive nip­ples and I like it when I’m get­ting screwed from be­hind while they gen­tly ca­ress my breasts and my nip­ples with his fingers. How about you? JAN­ICE: Be­ing older I’ve tried all kinds of things and I know ex­actly what I want now. I love be­ing on top, rid­ing a man like a love­crazed an­i­mal.

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