Stranger sex had my hubby beg­ging for more!


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Dear Jemma, I’M A 45-year-old brunette with a fine set of boobs that have got big­ger as I’ve got older.

I’ve been in a happy mar­riage for the last 20 years and on the whole our sex life has been great.

I know I’m still at­trac­tive be­cause I see the way men look at me. Some­times I catch their eye, just to see how they re­act.

Most just smile and carry on, but some re­ally look like they’d be will­ing to take me there and then.

The other day I men­tioned this to my old man and he started to get re­ally ex­cited. He was rock hard, so I started to take it fur­ther and de­scribed what I would have done with the man.


I was re­ally filthy, telling him how the stranger would have ripped open my blouse to kiss my boobs, then hike up my skirt and shove his hands in my panties to play with my soak­ing wet pussy.

As I was mak­ing up the story I reached out to my hus­band’s cock and started stroking him slowly, mov­ing my hand up and down his en­gorged shaft.

He was moan­ing softly as I got faster and faster un­til I de­scribed how a the stranger had pen­e­trated me with his big pe­nis, stick­ing it right in­side me un­til I was yelling and beg­ging for his spunk.

My man ex­ploded all over my hands.

That night we dis­cussed what had hap­pened. He ad­mit­ted the thought of me with an­other man was a huge turn-on and sug­gested we try swing­ing.

So the next week­end the pair of us ner­vously ap­proached the door of a swing­ing club in the next town from ours.

We just looked around at first and had a few drinks. It was a bit in­tim­i­dat­ing, but then a cou­ple about the same age got talk­ing to us and told us how it all works.

We ex­plained what we were into and they took us to one of the play rooms with a booth for watch­ing.

Soon I was with two men on a bed that could have eas­ily taken 10 peo­ple. They were gen­tle and slow at first, just ca­ress­ing me and tak­ing turns to kiss me.


I looked up and saw my hus­band slowly stroking him­self. That was all I needed. I told the men I wanted them naked, I wanted their cocks and I wanted them now!

I was sop­ping wet, more turned on than I’ve ever been. I liked the power I had over them, and the power I had over my hus­band.

Soon I had one dick in my pussy and I was suck­ing off the other man. I was in heaven! Just a week be­fore I could never have seen my­self in this sit­u­a­tion, yet now there I was get­ting shagged like a porn star.

Within ten min­utes I’d or­gasmed three times, and I told the men to cum all over my face.

Later, my hus­band said he’d spunked ev­ery­where when he heard me say that.

The prob­lem is, I want to do more swing­ing but at my home, and I’m just worry that all the sperm will end up stain­ing my car­pet. What should I do?

KL, Derby

Jemma says:

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