Am I right to get sniffy with fella?

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Dear Jemma, I CAUGHT my boyfriend sniff­ing the couch were I’d been sit­ting a short while after I’d got up.

I haven’t said any­thing be­cause I’m still so freaked out — why would he want to do that?

Is he men­tally ill, or is that what all blokes do and I’ve just never seen it be­fore?

I don’t want to ruin our re­la­tion­ship over this be­cause he’s rich and has a big dick, but it is pretty freaky.

Heather, Manch­ester Jemma says: IT’S not usual but it’s not totally weird.

Men are very smell driven, much more than us women. It’s why your down­stairs has such a po­tent scent — to get him ex­cited.

If he starts to do it pub­lic though it’ll be time to dump him.

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