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EVEN though I have been on hol­i­day for a month, I’ve lost weight!

I’m re­ally pleased, even though I’ve not set foot in the gym. I have been eat­ing re­ally healthily – loads of fruit and veg, and fish too.

Us Brits could learn a lot from the peo­ple in the Mediter­ranean.

You don’t see many fat peo­ple over there.

Ap­par­ently, they are go­ing to put fat warn­ings on food at McDon­ald’s and other fast food restau­rants so that peo­ple know what they’re eat­ing.

Obe­sity is a mas­sive thing in the UK but the fact is peo­ple know what they’re putting in their mouths – nudge, nudge, wink, wink, although you can’t re­ally get fat from a gob­ble!

They should have put fat warn­ings on food years ago like they did in Amer­ica.

I’ve worked in Los An­ge­les and ev­ery­one over there is well fit.

I hope that the new warn­ings make peo­ple more con­scious.


Like Kate Moss says: “Noth­ing tastes as good as skinny feels.” I think that eat­ing healthy food that will make you look good is much bet­ter than stuff­ing your face with a load of crap.

I ac­cept that some peo­ple have un­der­ly­ing health is­sues and can’t help be­ing over­weight, but other than that there re­ally is no ex­cuse in this day and age. I’VE just got back from four weeks in Mar­bella with my fella Mark Wil­liams.

And although I am al­ready sick of the crap weather, I am glad of the rest.

When me and Mark are away, he’s al­ways rolling over in bed and feel­ing my bum or my lady bumps and in no time he wants some rumpy pumpy!

He’s a right sex pest and while I love it my­self too, a girl does need a rest some­times!

At least now if I’ve got my bra and knick­ers on in bed I can get a bit of peace, and some bloody sleep!

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