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I PACKED my lit­tle lad Luca off for his first day at school on Mon­day with a tear in my eye.

He’s seven and is autis­tic so he at­tends a spe­cial needs school, and I can’t tell you the night­mare I’ve had try­ing to get him a place.

Me and Mark had to go through a “state­ment­ing” where so­cial work­ers come out and as­sess both Luca and us as par­ents.

I’ve had this go­ing on for years and it’s trau­matic. Although we love Luca very much, we do need a break.

It’s only be­cause I’m so de­ter­mined that we’ve got him a place and it makes me feel re­ally sorry for other mums who don’t have the fight in them that I have.

In­stead of giv­ing money to scroungers on ben­e­fits, they should be of­fer­ing more sup­port to par­ents who re­ally need it.

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10pm til I LOVE Twit­ter. As you lot know, I’m al­ways get­ting on my soap­box. I’ve got nearly 12,000 fol­low­ers so if you’re on there add me, @lin­sey_­dawn AS a mum, I couldn’t con­tain my rage when I saw a story high­light­ing the woes of poor Vic­to­ria Beck­ham who ap­par­ently slipped a disc dur­ing child­birth.

How? She had a Cae­sarean section! She knows noth­ing about giv­ing birth. She just lay there while some doc­tor whipped her daugh­ter out!

Posh wants to try be­ing in labour for 17 hours without pain re­lief like I did. I had more than a slipped disc to worry about!

I find it very hard to sym­pa­thise with a woman who has a team of min­ions to help her care for her kids and is more both­ered about tee­ter­ing round in leather pants and silly seven-inch heels.

Back can’t be hurt­ing that much, can it? WHILE I’m on the sub­ject, what is all this fuss about Jessie Wal­lace?

I can’t be­lieve the poor girl had to can­cel her wed­ding to Vince Morse be­cause his vile ex Karen Short showed the world a naughty photo of Jessie that he sent her.

What is wrong with this woman? She is clearly a bit­ter old hag who just wants her fella back.

I’ve heard she made £25,000 selling the photo. It makes me sick.

I’ve met Jessie and she’s a right laugh. She even grabbed my boobs! She doesn’t de­serve this.

I think he sent the photo in a mo­ment of mad­ness and he must be gut­ted now. He was just proud of his mis­sus.

Jessie, if you’re read­ing, my advice to you is to take Vince back if you love him and balls to what any­one else thinks. I WAS stag­gered to read pam­pered Petra Ec­cle­ston spent £4m on her wed­ding.

I’m hardly Bob Geldof, but she could have fed ev­ery child in a poor coun­try for at least two days with that money.

I’d like to think it’d have made her a lot hap­pier to put food in mil­lions of tiny baby’s tum­mies.

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