He had to kiss my feet and call me mas­ter

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to a log cabin in Montreal in Canada with my hubby. It was gor­geous and re­ally se­cluded. It was near some woods and we had this big hot-tub out­side.

In the evenings we would sit in there with a bot­tle of wine and af­ter a cou­ple of glasses we’d get all horny and end up hav­ing sex. It was so nice feel­ing the cold air around my bare boobs but all the warmth and bub­bles on my bot­tom half, es­pe­cially as I could feel them bub­bling around me as I was grind­ing away on my man’s knob.

God, I wish we were back there now!


HE­LENA: Has any­thing clang­ing ever hap­pened to NAME: Jenny Rudd AGE: 30 FROM: The Wir­ral OC­CU­PA­TION: Stay at home mum RE­LA­TION­SHIP STA­TUS: Mar­ried FAVE DRINK: Vodka FAVE FOOD: Chicken tikka masala FAVE FILM: The God­fa­ther FAVE AC­TOR: Al Pa­cino you when you’re be­tween the sheets? JENNY: Does tak­ing my clothes off count? That’s al­ways pretty embarrassing. HE­LENA: Ha ha, yeah – hear­hear! I once went through a phase of do­ing re­ally loud fanny farts dur­ing sex. You sort of both do that awk­ward gig­gle, don’t you? But then when it keeps hap­pen­ing it’s just so aw­ful. I think it’s be­cause of the po­si­tions we were do­ing. He liked be­ing on top a lot and I think that sort of thing is worse in that po­si­tion. JENNY: Hmm that is a bit embarrassing! I can’t think of any­thing that bad. Oh no, wait a minute. My sis­ter came to stay with us once and she’d gone out for the day to meet a friend. My hus­band and I had been dy­ing for a shag, so the sec­ond she walked out the door we were tear­ing each other’s clothes off.

I pushed him back on the sofa and pulled down his jeans and was right in the mid­dle of gob­bling on his big hard cock when the door to the lounge opened and in she walked – with her friend in tow! They ran straight out of the room. I had to apol­o­gise to her later and we had a good laugh about it but I was so mor­ti­fied. So was my hubby be­cause she’d got a right eye­ful of his cock!


JENNY: What’s the kinki­est thing you’ve ever done in bed? HE­LENA: I once tied my man up to the ra­di­a­tor and left him there for hours when I went shop­ping. JENNY: Je­sus, could you not have burnt him? HE­LENA: Well, I turned it right down be­fore I went, so it wasn’t too hot. He’d sort of in­di­cated he wanted to try it. We’d seen it in a porno and he said he thought it looked like fun.

So a few days later I bought some hand­cuffs, went home, tied him up and went out for a cou­ple of hours. It was mak­ing me so horny know­ing that he was there and couldn’t move un­til I got back. When I got in I made him beg me to re­lease him. He had to kiss my feet and call me mas­ter. I was lov­ing hav­ing all that power be­cause nor­mally he’s in charge, so it was a nice role re­ver­sal.

I un­locked him and we had the most mind-blow­ing sex. It lasted about two hours. We spent ages go­ing down on each other and f*ck­ing in lots of dif­fer­ent po­si­tions. Oooh, it was very nice!

JENNY: I’m try­ing to think of some­thing kinky. Oh yes, what about this. My man has a big thing for PVC un­der­wear and he bought me a load a few years back.

It takes about an hour to squeeze my­self in but it’s quite fun when I do. One of the things is this shiny crotch­less cat­suit. He loves it when I put it on and al­ways begs me to sit on his face. He says it’s the feel of it that gets him go­ing. If I even so much as say the word gus­set he gets a hard-on. HE­LENA: Men aren’t they? JENNY: You’re not wrong!


are weird JENNY: Does your man like pot­ting the pink or down­ing the brown, as they say in snooker. HE­LENA: Hey? What are you on about? JENNY: You must know what I mean – front or back-love! HE­LENA: Oh, I’m with you. Both, I think. He wouldn’t want to do me up the bum all the time I think, or at least I hope not. He’s pretty happy with the way things are up there. But no, he does nag me about once a month for a bit of bum fun. I usu­ally al­low it.

There’s ways of do­ing it right. Plus he’s not a bad hubby as far as they go so I like to keep him sweet. I don’t mind it too much. It’s a bit painful when it first goes in but once you get into a rhythm it’s not so bad. How about you then? Is your fella an arse ban­dit, so to speak? JENNY: Well he’s an arse ban­dit for me, hope­fully not for any blokes. Yeah, we’re about the same, we do it ev­ery now and then, nor­mally when I’m drunk. It’s not some­thing I make a habit out of, or want him to ex­pect all the time.

My ad­vice to any ladies out there is get a few glasses of wine down you and you won’t even feel a thing!

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