My fanny-tas­tic hubby’s got oral plea­sure licked

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Dear An­nie, I’VE got a se­ri­ous prob­lem — I’m ob­sessed with my hus­band go­ing down on me.

We’ve been to­gether for 15 years but it’s only in the last three months that he started lick­ing me out.

I’m in my mid 40s with red hair, 38DD boobs that get me loads of at­ten­tion and a nice, pert arse.

Sex was al­ways some­thing I could take or leave, if I’m com­pletely hon­est. I thought it was more of a duty than a plea­sure.

Twice-a-week for all my mar­ried life I would lie back and think of Eng­land while my old man climbed on and did his busi­ness.

Don’t get me wrong though, I was per­fectly happy with this ar­range­ment — he kept me in a very nice life­style with a lovely de­tached house, an Audi car, and I’ve never had to worry about money.

But three months ago, a friend of mine came over for lunch. She’d just got di­vorced and was liv­ing a sin­gle life — hav­ing a great time like one of the char­ac­ters from Sex And The City.

Any­way, she started go­ing on about her new young fella giv­ing her loads of or­gasms when he gave her oral sex.

The idea of it got me quite ex­cited and I was get­ting re­ally wet down be­low. And the minute she left, I switched on my lap­top and started do­ing some re­search.


It’s amaz­ing what you can find on the elec­tri­cal in­ter­net and I got so horny watch­ing film clips of other women hav­ing shud­der­ing cli­maxes while blokes licked away at their fan­nies.

As I con­tin­ued to watch, my hand crept un­der my skirt and I started touch­ing my­self — and within min­utes I was hav­ing a huge or­gasm of my own!

I vir­tu­ally leapt on my hubby when he got in from work later that night and told him he was go­ing to be lick­ing me out there and then.

He was shocked at first, but when I showed him a cou­ple of the net sex videos I’d been watch­ing ear­lier, he got quite turned-on and said he’d give it a go.

So I sat on the edge of the sofa, with my skirt hiked up and my knick­ers round one of my an­kles as he knelt in front of me and started kiss­ing and lick­ing my an­kles be­fore slowly mov­ing up my legs.

He spent ages lick­ing and nib­bling the back of my knees un­til I was des­per­ate for him to move up to my wet crotch.

But he’d learned his lessons from the film clips well and took his time, slowly mov­ing up my in­ner thighs un­til, af­ter what felt like an age, he reached my pussy.

Then he started gen­tly lick­ing all over my sop­ping wet c*nt for ages, build­ing up a steady rhythm be­fore touch­ing my clit with the rough side of his tongue — ap­ply­ing a bit of pres­sure un­til I fi­nally ex­ploded in a mind-blow­ing or­gasm!

Now I get licked out by my fella ev­ery day, but the prob­lem is he’s grown a mous­tache and it tick­les too much when he’s down there.

What should I do? An­nie says: TELL him you’ll give him a blow-job ev­ery time he goes down on you but only if he shaves the tache off.

GD, Ed­in­burgh jig­gled walked.

At about 2am, a hunky guy dressed as Bat­man started chat­ting me up.

Af­ter a while, we moved to the pool room — which was empty — and had the lights switched off.

I was soon down on my knees with his cock in my mouth and my boobs out.

But I heard a noise be­hind me and stopped slob­ber­ing on his tool — it was his mate, dressed up as Robin.

He said: “Room for a lit­tle one?”

I was so turned on, I just nod­ded and he came over and started feel­ing my tits.

Then he peeled down my cat­suit and dis­cov­ered I wasn’t wear­ing any knick­ers.

By this time, I was so wet he just slipped in­side me while I car­ried on suck­ing off Bat­man.

But just as Bat­man ex­ploded all over my face and Robin un­leashed his load all over my bum, the lights went on — and the rest of the bar had come to have a pool tour­na­ment!

I was so em­bar­rassed and now I feel I just can't go back to the pub What should I do?

PJ, Mid­dles­bor­ough

An­nie says:

Dear An­nie,

Dear An­nie,

my breasts about w h e n I

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