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Out. 33. Sumo; 32. Cures; 30. Tulip; 28. Reaps; 27. Fur; 25. Gamely; 24. Cu­bi­cle; 23. De­mur; 21. Barbs; 20. Me­an­der; 19. Sever; 17. Royal; 16. Gin; 14. Com­i­cal; 12. Bit; 9. Pokes; 7. Donor; 6. gon; Ore5. Lion; 4. Cleaver;

2. Ditch; 1. DOWN: Py­lon. 38. Al­ter; 37. April; 36. Cur; 35. Le­mur; 34. Se­ri­ous; 32. Serum; 31. Dub; 29. Bru­tal; 26. ful; Gain24. Cake; 23. Aver; 22. Denizen; 21. Mo­rose; 19. Vim; 18. Gores; 15. Oc­tagon; 13. Coven; 12. Tie; 11. Ro­tor; 10. Bi­ble;

8. Flood; 3. ACROSS: 3) What did X Fac­tor win­ner Leona Lewis ( right) ad­mit to? a) Prac­tic­ing witch­craft b) Be­ing deeply into the swing­ing scene in Bridling­ton c) Be­ing scared of Si­mon Cow­ell d) Be­ing bor­ing 4) What ma­jor sports event has be­gan last week in New Zealand? 7) What did con­tro­ver­sial comic Rus­sell Brand get into trou­ble for say­ing is a nov­elty 9) West Ham’s Sam Al­lardyce and Portsmouth’s Steve Cot­ter­ill both re­placed the same man­ager. Who? 10) How much did bil­lion­aire's daugh­ter Ta­mara Ec­cle­stone ( left) say she is go­ing

BRITNEY tops the charts with

— the sec­ond big­gest-sell­ing sin­gle of the year. VLADIMIR Putin is elected Pres­i­dent of the Rus­sian Fed­er­a­tion, win­ning the world’s hard­est leader con­test by far. a) Ed­wina Curry b) Alex Jones c) Rob­bie Sav­age d) Holly Valance d) Jonathon Ross’s chat show a) Drugs b) Howard from the Halifax ad­verts c) Too much ex­er­cise d) Her tax re­turns on time a) Avram Grant b) Alan Shearer c) Alan Cur­bish­ley d) Alan Carr

a) Pamela An­der­son b) Char­lie Sheen c) Tony Blair d) Jade Goody a) The Olympics b) The Par­a­lympics c) The Coali­tion Govern­ment

a) Glas­gow b) Not­ting­ham c) Liver­pool d) Tunbdrige Wells

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