Huhne’s p*ss­ing in the wind

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EN­ERGY Sec­re­tary Chris Huhne ( be­low) is try­ing to win a bit of favour by knock­ing the gas and elec­tric com­pa­nies’ pric­ing poli­cies.

Now, I’m all in favour of any­thing that causes the en­ergy giants dis­com­fort and dis­quiet.

Not so much be­cause of their larce­nous prices — more the fact they call me up of­fer­ing “com­pet­i­tive tar­iffs” when­ever I’m set­tling down with a brew. Or for a big wank. But Huhne hav­ing a pop is a bit rich. This is a man who sings the praises of wind tur­bines — those vile con­trap­tions which, on the odd days of the year they ac­tu­ally work, shred sea ea­gles.

And the tax whacked on our en­ergy bills pays for these mon­strosi­ties.

If Huhne re­ally wants to cut fuel bills, he could start by scrap­ping the sub­sidy for re­new­able en­ergy.

But he won’t do that. Be­cause he’s a Lib­Dem — thus an id­iot. gong up your Pulitzer? Pah!

Jane Wiedlin read my dwarf story. That’s more of a re­ward than money can buy. And I can now die a happy man.

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