I’m in bed with a fella and my son bursts in!

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SAN­DRA: I had a ter­ri­ble thing hap­pen the other week. I was with this guy I see ev­ery now and then and while we were do­ing it I farted! SUE: Oh no, that’s aw­ful. What did you do? SAN­DRA: I didn’t, I was mor­ti­fied. He went floppy af­ter that so I sent him home. SUE: Well, I was with this fella once and I think I might have wet the bed. We were both drunk and when I woke up in the morn­ing the sheets were soak­ing wet. He didn’t say any­thing and nor did I. He just shot off. But you know when you wake up and you nor­mally need a wee? This time I didn’t. SAN­DRA: You may well have pissed your­self then. NAME: San­dra Leather AGE: 38 FROM: North­wich OC­CU­PA­TION: Call cen­tre worker RE­LA­TION­SHIP STA­TUS: Di­vorced FAVE FOOD: Curry FAVE DRINK: Lager FAVE FILM: Shirley Valen­tine SAN­DRA: I’ve al­ways fan­cied shag­ging a fire­man strip­per. You know when you go to a hen do or some­thing and they have strip­pers on?

I’d love to get one of them af­ter they’d fin­ished their act and give them a proper good see­ing-to.

They’re al­ways young and have dead fit bod­ies, but I bet if they got a real wo­man they wouldn’t know what to do. They’d have the ride of their life with a wo­man like me! SUE: I don’t know why but I like the thought of re­ally dom­i­nat­ing a fella. I used to have this guy who’d ask me to do him up the bum with my vi­bra­tor. I made him get one of his own in the end.

I used to quite like tak­ing con­trol and have him at my mercy. I would love to be like a real dom­i­na­trix and get a fella to do my clean­ing and all that kind of stuff and then give him a few smacks with a whip.

Then I’d make him shag me for hours and make me come like a train!


SUE: Where is the fun­ni­est place you’ve had sex? SAN­DRA: I did it in the toi­let when I used to work in an of­fice. I was see­ing one of the lads who worked in the can­teen and he’d ring up my ex­ten­sion and get me to come and meet him when he was feel­ing frisky.

It was great – like a Diet Coke break, only for a shag in­stead. SUE: Ha, that’s bril­liant! I once shagged a bloke on hol­i­day at the end of one of those wooden pier things they tie the boats to on the beach. We were go­ing at it ham­mer and tongs, then I re­alised my skirt and my knick­ers had fallen in the sea. I had to do the walk of shame try­ing to cover my bits with my top. SUE: Well, you know I like it up the bum, don’t you? I know some women moan about it but I think it’s bril­liant. It just feels re­ally naughty and dirty and you can feel the bloke’s knob a lot more.

It’s great for them too. I can ac­tu­ally have an or­gasm from hav­ing it up the bum and they don’t even need to fid­dle with my fanny. SAN­DRA: I’ve tried it up the bum and I didn’t like it. It re­ally hurt. I don’t know how you can en­joy it. It’s def­i­nitely a one-way street for me!


SAN­DRA: I like it with me on top. The blokes al­ways like that too be­cause I’ve got mas­sive boobs so they can see them bob­bing about.

It’s good when a guy grabs your bum as well and makes you go faster. I like be­ing in con­trol. SUE: I love it doggy style be­cause the fella can get it all the way in. And I like it when a guy pulls out and comes all over my bum. It makes me feel re­ally dirty. SAN­DRA: Doesn’t take much to do that, does it?


SAN­DRA: Ha! Have you ever dressed up as any­thing sexy? I’ve got a French maid out­fit that usu­ally does it! SUE: Yes, I like be­ing a po­lice­woman. I’ve got a pair of hand­cuffs, proper ones as well. Once I hand­cuffed my ex to the bed and went out with the girls for a night.

When I came home he was freez­ing, but still very horny so I gave him a very well-earned nosh! SAN­DRA: I love wear­ing my maid’s out­fit if I ever go away to a ho­tel. It makes me feel re­ally horny. I pre­tend to be the cleaner and my fella comes in, tells me I’ve done a rub­bish job of it and gives me a good see­ing-to!

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