Why won’t BBC warm to truth?

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SCI­EN­TISTS reckon they've found a sub-atomic par­ti­cle trav­el­ling faster than the speed of light. This par­ti­cle is in­de­scrib­ably small. Smaller even than Jed­ward’s shared brain. And it was trav­el­ling faster than a Subaru go­ing through the front win­dow at Rum­be­lows.

Even the boffins who wit­nessed this phe­nom­e­non were not en­tirely sure they've got it right.

They’ve asked other eg­gheads to check it out, be­cause this is mas­sive.

If sub-atomic par­ti­cles are mov­ing faster than light it means they are mov­ing through time. So tiny parts of you are al­ready in next week, or some­thing.

It could lead to Prof Brian Cox hav­ing to re-record parts of his TV se­ries, Won­ders of the Uni­verse.

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