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when I’m hav­ing sex or play­ing with my­self I of­ten imag­ine that I’m do­ing it with a stranger while my hus­band sits in a cor­ner and watches as this guy f*cks my brains out. The thought of it re­ally turns me on! PIPPA: That sounds quite kinky, ac­tu­ally. JULES: Well, spill the beans, or is this all about what I get up to in the bed­room? PIPPA: I fan­ta­sise about hav­ing sex with an­other NAME: Jules Bald­win­son AGE: 41 FROM: New­cas­tle OC­CU­PA­TION: Nurse RE­LA­TION­SHIP STA­TUS: Mar­ried FAVE DRINK: Vodka FAVE FOOD: Curry FAVE FILM: OneFineDay FAVE AC­TOR: Ge­orge Clooney wo­man. I’m not a les­bian, I love blokes. But some­times I imag­ine an­other wo­man in the bed­room with us when we’re hav­ing sex and think about sit­ting on her face while my hus­band plays with my boobs. It gets me so horny! JULES: Very nice! PIPPA: Have you ever done any­thing re­ally embarrassing dur­ing sex? JULES: We got spot­ted do­ing naughty things in the car a few weeks ago.

Hubby had picked me up from work and I’d had a cou­ple of drinks and then gone shop­ping. We were in the car park and we just started kiss­ing and...you know, cud­dling. I pulled him out and was bring­ing him off when the cou­ple in the space next to us came for their car.

I know they saw what we were up to. When we got home we fin­ished the job prop­erly, I can tell you! PIPPA: I’m try­ing to think of embarrassing things that have hap­pened to me.

I once shouted out an ex’s name in bed. That was pretty bad. I was about to come and I said “harder, Mark, harder”. All good ex­cept my hus­band’s name is Barry. It did not go down well. I was on my knees for months mak­ing up for that one.


PIPPA: Any par­tic­u­larly kinky con­fes­sions you’d like to tell me? JULES: I have a bit of a thing for smear­ing food on my man while we’re hav­ing sex, or when I’m go­ing down on him. I think I read some­where that it’s called Splosh­ing. PIPPA: What is it about it that gets you go­ing? JULES: I’m not sure. I’ve al­ways liked it. Ob­vi­ously it has to be a sexy kind of food like straw­ber­ries, ice cream, melted choco­late, that sort of thing. I’m not talk­ing about a whack­ing a big sir­loin steak on his cock!

He says he loves to watch me lick cream off his cock, I think the white­ness of the cream re­minds him of come when it’s smeared all around my mouth. I just get off on see­ing how turned on he gets. How about you?

PIPPA: I like be­ing tied up. It’s the sense of help­less­ness I get when my hus­band ties me to the bed, spreads my legs and goes down on me.

Some­times the ten­sion builds up so much that I can’t take it, but there’s noth­ing I can do about it.

I’m putty in his hands un­til he’s fin­ished hav­ing his wicked way with me.


PIPPA: Do you like it up the bot­tom? JULES: I don’t par­tic­u­larly like it but I don’t hate it. I’m sort of on the fence, although I won’t do it that of­ten as I don’t want my hus­band to think that he can just get it when­ever he wants. What do you think about it? PIPPA: I’m fine with it. I think I’ve done it that many times that I’m pretty loose up there now.

Only jok­ing! I don’t have a bucket bum. I just don’t find it that painful. So many women bang on and on about how much it hurts. It’s like rip­ping off a plas­ter. You get an ini­tial bit of pain but then it all sub­sides and it’s okay. JULES: You’re the only per­son I know who could com­pare a Band-Aid to bum sex!


PIPPA: Have you ever done it in a way that’s re­ally rocked your boat?

JULES: I ac­tu­ally did it on a boat once, that was nice.

Erm, I do quite like it doggy style, which is also my hus­band’s favourite po­si­tion, so that’s good. It feels nice for me be­cause he gets it deep and can hold my hips and can re­ally pound in­side me.

Plus I like him be­ing able to trace his fin­gers around my nip­ples or finger my clit at the same time. Ooh, I feel a bit horny now. You? PIPPA: I like most of them, to be hon­est. I quite like be­ing on top as I feel in con­trol and I like watch­ing my hus­band star­ing at my boobs as they bounce around while I ride him.

I pretty much like all the po­si­tions, it de­pends what kind of mood I’m in.

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