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ONE in 10 driv­ers are us­ing Face­book and Twit­ter while be­hind the wheel, a shock sur­vey has re­vealed.

And even more — al­most 30 per cent — will read and send texts while driv­ing, say safety cam­paign­ers.

Tex­ting at the wheel has been found to make driv­ers more than 20 times more likely to crash, caus­ing death or se­ri­ous in­jury.

The shock­ing numbers have been re­vealed by road safety char­ity Brake.

It found nearly three out of 10 driv­ers text at the wheel, while al­most 10 per cent of driv­ers go as far as surf­ing the web, an­swer­ing emails or check­ing so­cial sites like Face­book while driv­ing.

Cam­paigns di­rec­tor for Brake, Julie Townsend, said: “Peo­ple who text or use the web when driv­ing are tak­ing enor­mous risks.” PRETTY Kirsty Cass looks like most men’s fan­tasy wo­man — in her sexy dress, high heels and stock­ings.

But most folk don’t know Kirsty was born a man — Andy — and three years ago, in a des­per­ate bid to be­come a wo­man, he chopped off his pe­nis with a STAN­LEY KNIFE.

Andy nearly bled to death as his willy hung by a thread, un­til medics saved him and sowed it back on.

Thank­fully, his ex­treme self-surgery helped per­suade the NHS to give him the sex change surgery he’d wanted since child­hood.

Kirsty, 49, said: “By day I was Andy, a coun­cil pub­lic re­sponse of­fi­cer in scruffy over­alls.

“But in­side, I re­ally wanted to be a wo­man. One night, when I was putting my blusher on, I broke down af­ter a few cans of Stella.

“I went down­stairs to my tool­box and took out a Stan­ley knife.

“Then I took an­other gulp of Stella to numb the pain.

“With the knife in one hand, I grabbed my pe­nis with the other, took a deep breath and stabbed the knife straight in.


“Pain ripped through me but I kept hack­ing away — it was like chop­ping sausages.

“Blood was gush­ing down my legs and my willy was hang­ing on by a thread of skin. Then I re­alised I could die.

“I was rushed to East Sur­rey hos­pi­tal for an hour-long op­er­a­tion to reat­tach my man­hood.”

Kirsty said that at last she felt like she could ask for help with her gender dys­mor­phia — she’d wanted to be a wo­man all her life.

Even when she was mar­ried to ex-wife Linda Wood­house, she would wear women’s clothes.

Kirsty says she is now hap­pier than ever and can’t wait to have her sex-swap op at Char­ing Cross Hos­pi­tal next year.

She added: “I’ve legally changed my name and even my 89-year-old dad calls me Kirsty. I dress as a wo­man and take fe­male hor­mones.

“My DIY sex change fixed all my prob­lems.”

THREE TIMES A BLADEY: Kirsty looks great in sexy gear

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