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Dear Nickie Ann, I’VE just started my first year at univer­sity and I’ve al­ready done some­thing very stupid.

I’m an 18-year-old red­head and I’m told I’m very at­trac­tive. All my friends back in my home town were jeal­ous of my boobs, which are 30D and nice and firm.

But de­spite my looks I’ve been strug­gling to make friends and have spent a lot of my first week on my own.

I’m pretty shy un­til you get to know me and ev­ery­one else seemed to pal up re­ally quickly, so I was feel­ing pretty sorry for my­self.

Then one af­ter­noon I was hav­ing a Frap­pac­cino in a cof­fee house when I spot­ted the pro­fes­sor who had given us a wel­come lec­ture on the first day.

She smiled at me as she queued for her espresso and then came over and asked if she could join me.

As she sat down I no­ticed she was wear­ing a short skirt that rode up her thighs to re­veal stock­ings.


Then as my gaze trav­elled up her body I could see her boobs strain­ing against her tight, cotton blouse — the fab­ric be­tween the but­tons gap­ing to re­veal a hint of white lace bra and pale skin.

I was con­fused. The sight of this wo­man was turn­ing me on.

I’d never felt like this be­fore and didn’t know what to think about my­self. Was I a les­bian?

As I looked away I caught her eye. She knew I had been look­ing at her and I went bright red, but she just smiled and said: “Why’s a pretty girl like you all alone?”

I just stam­mered and went even more red. She laughed and asked me my name and we chat­ted for a while. When we’d fin­ished our cof­fees she sug­gested some­thing stronger.

I thought she meant the Stu­dent Union bar but as we headed to­wards it she stopped dead out­side a house, leaned into my ear and said: “I want to lick you, I know you want me.”

It was like I was hyp­no­tised. All of a sud­den I was hav­ing sex­ual feel­ings to­wards this wo­man when I’d never felt any­thing like that be­fore. I wanted her to strip me, kiss me, to run her tongue all over my body, and I des­per­ately wanted to touch and taste her. I nod­ded, so she took my hand and we went to her home.

As soon as we were though the door we started kiss­ing — it was so soft and gen­tle.

But when she led me into the bed­room she be­came all mas­ter­ful, throw­ing me on the bed, pulling down my jeans and telling me to take off my bra and knick­ers.

When I was naked she told me to lie back and she started kiss­ing me. I’d never been so turned on, ev­ery touch was bring­ing me closer to or­gasm.

When she started to kiss my thighs I screamed out, beg­ging her to lick me be­tween my legs.

She told me to wait and started on my nip­ples while stroking my in­ner thighs.

I was so wet, it was drip­ping out of me. Even­tu­ally she looked me in the eye and then low­ered her head…

The minute her lips and tongue touched my pussy I was in ec­stasy. I’d had sex a few times with boys but it was noth­ing like this!

I or­gasmed im­me­di­ately but she didn’t stop lick­ing me, mas­sag­ing my clit as I was cli­max­ing over and over — it was too much and I was al­most beg­ging her to stop.

Af­ter my fifth or­gasm she fi­nally re­lented and moved up my body to kiss me. I could taste my­self on her. It was so ex­cit­ing.

I started to touch and stroke her to re­turn the favour but she stopped me, say­ing she wanted me to “owe her one”.

Now I’ve found out she’s my lec­turer and I’m wor­ried she might mark me down if I don’t per­form well enough when I re­turn the favour.

But to be hon­est I can’t wait to try, what should I do?

He­lena, Lon­don Nickie Ann says: Why don’t you watch a few les­bian porn vids since you’re new to girl­girl sex. They’ll help learn

Dear Nickie Ann, Just leave lots of cream cakes around the house — it’s cruel but she won’t be able to re­sist!

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