Come first! Where our read­ers Bombers do not have­hu­man­rights

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IT’S a f*ckin out­rage that a bloke who took part in an al Qaeda bomb plot is out of prison and get­ting on buses and tube trains.

What is wrong with this f*ck­ing coun­try? De­port the lit­tle bas­tard.

It’s no won­der all these scum­bags flock to our coun­try – they’re laugh­ing at us, Mr Cameron.

F*ck hu­man rights. The minute you


help blow your

up de­cide mates in­no­cent mem­bers of the pub­lic you lose all your hu­man rights.

Send him back to which­ever sh*thole coun­try he came from and let him rot.

Just be­cause the plot was foiled doesn't make a blind bit of dif­fer­ence.

He wanted in­no­cent Bri­tish blood spilled, he has no hu­man rights.

What kind of ex­am­ple does it set, while show­ing these ter­ror­ist bas­tards we’re a soft touch. Our boys are dy­ing in Afghanistan James Par­geter,

Lu­ton, via email

CAN some­one please ex­plain what f*ck this TOWIE thing is all about. I don't get it?

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