LURED TO DEATH BY HON­EY­TRAP BABE Vic­tim was burned alive af­ter meet­ing, court told

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A STUN­NING stu­dent lured a be­sot­ted mil­lion­aire into a hon­ey­trap where he was beaten un­con­scious, thrown into a car and burned alive, a court heard.

Mundill Mahil, 20, is ac­cused of the mur­der of Ga­gandip Singh – a TV en­tre­pre­neur – af­ter he tried to rape her six months ear­lier.

She is ac­cused of plot­ting the “ex­treme vi­o­lence” of his death with an­other man Harvin­der Shoker, 20 – who was also “be­sot­ted” with her.

It is claimed the pair also used “hired mus­cle” Dar­ren Peters, 20, to help carry out the killing, in “re­venge” for the at­tempted rape.

Mahil, a sec­ond year stu­dent at Brighton and Sus­sex Uni, met Ga­gandip, 21, a fel­low Sikh, in 2009.

The Old Bai­ley heard how he be­came “emo­tion­ally de­pen­dant” on her fol­low­ing the mur­der of his fa­ther in In­dia that year.

On Feb 25 this year Mahil lured him to her home, where Peters and Shoker at­tacked him.

Ga­gandip was then beaten un­con­scious, wrapped in her du­vet and bun­dled into the boot of his sis­ter’s Mercedes car which he had ar­rived in.

He was then driven by the men to a re­mote part of south east Lon­don and doused in petrol. The pair then torched the car while their “help­less” vic­tim was still alive in­side.

The court heard how Ga­gandip Singh was be­sot­ted by her and how she of­fered him just emo­tional sup­port and friend­ship.

But he tried to woo her with of­fers of gifts and at the end of Au­gust last year, he stayed the night with her, in her shared stu­dent house in Brighton.

Ga­gandip then got into bed with Mahil and tried to have sex with her, which she says was an at­tempted rape.

She forced him away and he broke down in tears and left. Mahil was ex­tremely up­set and an­gry at what she saw as a great be­trayal of trust.

He had pro­posed mar­riage to her and had even threat­ened to kill him­self around the time he tried to have sex with her.

Also ap­pear­ing in Mahil’s life at this time was Shoker – who was also be­sot­ted with her.

The jury heard how for sev­eral months, Ga­gandip sent a “vo­lu­mi­nous se­ries” of texts and calls and wanted to see and talk to Mahil.

She told house­mates how cer­tain of her male friends, which she called gang­sters, wished to ex­act re­venge and ret­ri­bu­tion on Ga­gandip.

It is al­leged that Mahil lured him to Brighton on Feb 25 to a meet­ing at the same house.

Ly­ing in wait for him, in the base­ment of the house where her bed­room and the lounge was, were Ravi and Peters.

The jury heard how Ga­gandip died when the car was set alight with him shut in the boot.

Mahil, of Chatham, Kent, Shoker of Green­wich and Peters of Black­heath, both south east Lon­don, deny mur­der.

The trial con­tin­ues.

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