Twins move to stop war of broth­ers

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OA­SIS fans breathed a big sigh of re­lief af­ter ex­perts fi­nally stepped in to heal a rift be­tween war­ring broth­ers Noel and Liam Gal­lagher... JED­WARD!

The X Fac­tor twins – aka John and Ed­ward Grimes, 20 – say they’re the ones to mend the rock­ers’ shat­tered re­la­tion­ship.

John said: “We hate to see broth­ers fight­ing and Noel and Liam are at it again. We’d love to help them.

“Liam said he’ll sue Noel and now Noel says he’ll sue Liam for try­ing to bash him with a gui­tar. We’d tell them never do that. Gui­tars are, like, to­tally too ex­pen­sive.”

Noel, 44, and Liam, 39, are fil­ing law­suits against each other cit­ing defama­tion of char­ac­ter for com­ments made in the wake of the break-up of Oa­sis in 2009.

Their row reached fever pitch last week when Liam said he’d rather “eat sh*t” than work with Noel again.

Liam, who now fronts band Beady Eye, ranted: “I’d rather eat my own sh*t than be in a band with him again.” – Mal­colm Evans,

Southend CLARE: I’ve never been the type to go out and get wasted and wake up with a munter, but I did sleep with a close friend once.

In­trigue got the bet­ter of me as I’d never had him, but now I know why. He had a mag­got willy and it was over in about two min­utes. SARAH: Oh Je­sus! What hap­pened? Did you stay friends? CLARE: We did un­til I got p*ssed and told ev­ery­one in our friend­ship group that he was bad in bed. Fun­nily enough, he’s not spo­ken to me since. SARAH: I had a bad time with one of my friends as well. We were drunk and I fell asleep half­way through it.

In the morn­ing I re­alised he’d been sick and we’d been ly­ing in it. Sleep­ing with your mates is never good. NAME: Clare Granger AGE: 33 OC­CU­PA­TION: Den­tal nurse RE­LA­TION­SHIP STA­TUS: Sin­gle FAVE FOOD: Fish, chips and mushy peas FAVE DRINK: Bac­ardi and

Coke FAVE AC­TOR: Ewan Mc­gre­gor FAVE FILM: CLARE: Has any­thing re­ally bad hap­pened to you while you were on the job – apart from ly­ing in vomit all night? SARAH: I went to my sis­ter’s house a few years ago and I ended up get­ting off with one of her flat­mates.

We were do­ing it on the sofa and my sis­ter and her boyfriend walked in. They got a re­ally good view of my bare bum bob­bing up and down. CLARE: Oh that’s aw­ful. I bet you never lived that one down? SARAH: No, she still re­minds me about it to this day. CLARE: My boyfriend’s dad once walked in on us hav­ing sex on top of the bed when I was younger. SARAH: What did he do? CLARE: He thought it was re­ally funny. Plus, I think he fan­cied me so he prob­a­bly got a bit of a thrill from see­ing my boobs. SARAH: Ever had a one-night stand? CLARE:

Yes, I had one just last week. Have you? SARAH: I’ve had one or two. Not loads, though. CLARE: I think they’re good fun. They are great when you’re drunk and that’s when mine have tended to hap­pen. SARAH: The sex isn’t very good though, is it? CLARE: It just de­pends on the bloke.

If you’re still co­her­ent you can have re­ally ram­pant sex and it’s great. I’ve not had a bad ex­pe­ri­ence with them. NAME: Sarah Hunter AGE: 36 OC­CU­PA­TION: Es­tate agent RE­LA­TION­SHIP STA­TUS: Dat­ing FAVE FOOD: Sausage and mash FAVE DRINK: Gin and tonic FAVE AC­TOR: Jeff Bridges FAVE FILM: SARAH: What’s the strangest place you’ve done it? CLARE: Def­i­nitely down the al­ley be­side our house. There were peo­ple just yards away but they couldn’t see us. SARAH: I like hav­ing sex out­side, too. The thought of get­ting caught is a such big turn-on. CLARE: Have you ever been caught? SARAH: No, but I used to have sex in our lo­cal park a lot and all our neigh­bours and fam­ily friends walked through there. It was a thrill that we might get caught, but we didn’t.

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