Horny mate’s of­fer of Yule­tide re­lief


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Dear Lynsey, TIS the sea­son to be jolly – well tell that to my bloody boyfriend!

The grumpy bug­ger is up for plenty of bed­room an­tics dur­ing the rest of the year, but when the Christ­mas ad­verts start ap­pear­ing on telly he loses his sex drive quicker than if Anne Wid­de­combe had asked for a see­ing to.

I have tried every­thing I can think of to break him out of his funk – even buy­ing crotch­less panties and ca­vort­ing around in front of him while he watched telly.

But noth­ing seems to work. I have a lovely arse and big boobs, but there’s not so much as a twitch in his trousers dur­ing the fes­tive sea­son.


As a last re­sort I men­tioned the prob­lem to one of my mates. She’s a right horny devil, so I thought she would give me sexy tips to solve my woes.

But in­stead she told me I could join her and her fella for a Yule­tide three­some to ease some of my sex­ual frus­tra­tions.

I’d never thought about lezzing it up be­fore, but my mate is hot – curvy brunette with a wicked look in her eye – and she’s told me in the past that her boyfriend has a huge todger.

I don’t want to hurt my fella but he’s break­ing my heart with his bonk­ing ban and I would love a good see­ing to.

What should I do? Lynsey says: EV­ERY wo­man has needs and if your fella doesn’t buck up his ideas, a three­some treat might be just what you need.

Lynsey says: SOD it! You should never be ashamed of car­ry­ing a sex toy. I reckon the se­cu­rity peo­ple are more em­bar­rassed than

you any­way.

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