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Sum­mers! fes­tive nip­ple cov­ers from Ann

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ev­ery item they sell be­cause I own near enough in their shops!

ar e like sparkly I’ve bought one pair that

They’re like a snowflakes and they look great.

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nip­ple tas­sells The other ones are jin­gle bell which are red with lit­tle bells on.

to hear me So you lit­er­ally be able com­ing this Christ­mas! I HAD my first Christ­mas party this week: The Fleet Street bash at Cur­si­tor Street.

I al­ways help to do the char­ity col­lec­tion and we raised a mas­sive £14,000.

All the fel­las there seemed to like my Sexy Santa out­fit so I thought I’d show you fel­las a snap of me in it too!

I hope you like it! LIKE most peo­ple, I was pretty hor­ri­fied when I saw the video on Youtube of Emma West, the wo­man who launched into a racist rant on the Un­der­ground.

She’s ob­vi­ously very ig­no­rant and although she seemed pretty sober, she must have been on some­thing to go off on one like that.

But I do think peo­ple seem to over-re­act to these things. OK, she’s an id­iot, but she’s now been locked up for her own pro­tec­tion.

Does what she did war­rant a bay­ing mob out for her blood?

The same with Jeremy Clark­son. Peo­ple called for him to be ar­rested for mak­ing a joke about shoot­ing ri­ot­ers – like he’s re­ally sug­gest­ing they should be shot.

Thou­sands com­plained to the BBC. Have they noth­ing bet­ter to do! UR­GENT mes­sage to Gary Cockerill – Jor­dan needs you!

I couldn’t be­lieve the state of Jor­dan when I saw pic­tures of her leav­ing Café De Paris in Lon­don on Sun­day night with some teenage foot­baller.

She’d been out with Jake Nicholson, who plays for Spurs, but when snap­pas ar­rived he put a coat over his head.

Jor­dan looked bloody aw­ful. She was bright orange and her hair and face was a mess. She looked like she’d been dragged through a bush.

So come on Gary, her trusted make-up artist, you know she can look bet­ter than that.


It wasn’t that long ago that foot­ballers would have dreamt of hav­ing Jor­dan on their arm. Now they don’t want to be snapped with her.

It’s just so embarrassing for her. I think she did it be­cause she wants to get Pete back, but I’m not sure how hang­ing round with 19-year-old lads is go­ing to do that.

She just looks like a randy old hag. Jake’s 14 years younger than her!

Jor­dan needs to sort her­self out and avoid the lime­light for a bit.

I’ve never been a big fan of Jor­dan but it’s get­ting to the stage where even I’m feel­ing sorry for her. THE man who filmed drown­ing a kit­ten and feed­ing an­other to a python needs to be found.

It makes me sick. Hon­estly, I won­der what kind of coun­try I’m liv­ing in when I see things like that.

I’ve said it be­fore, but if some­one can do some­thing that sick to an in­no­cent an­i­mal then they’re only go­ing to go on and do the same to a child.

It’s just dis­gust­ing. And what’s worse is that when he’s found he’ll just get a slap on the wrist.

He should be made to suf­fer like those poor kit­tens. To get our most up-to-date list of up-for-it women in your area sim­ply send £5 in cash, cheque or PO to FINEBOURNE, PO Box 210, Ch­ester­field, S41 8LP NAME. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AD­DRESS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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