Pretty Ste­fani’s life is ru­ined by bizarre pho­bia


PRETTY teenager Ste­fani Ingamells is the girl whose HOLE life is plagued with an acute fear of CRUM­PETS.

The 19-year-old can’t stand to be in the same room as the de­li­cious pock­marked break­fast snack and claims she would VOMIT if forced to look at one too long, let alone eat them.

While most mouths water at the prospect of a warm crum­pet with lash­ings of but­ter, Ste­fani is over­whelmed with the de­sire to run away and hide.

The make-up artist from Scar­bor­ough, North Yorks, re­vealed how she has been suf­fer­ing with the un­usual pho­bia her en­tire life.

But fear­ing she would be ridiculed she kept her feel­ings a se­cret, only ad­mit­ting she had a prob­lem when she was 16.

Ste­fani said: “I’ve been ter­ri­fied of crum­pets since be­fore I can re­mem­ber.

“I can’t even open the bread-bin even when I know they won’t be in there. And if some­one is eat­ing them I have to leave the room un­til I they’ve gone.

“If I do see one I get a strong feel­ing of re­vul­sion and if I was forced to look at one for any pro­longed length of time I think I would be sick.

“My first re­ac­tion is al­ways to de­stroy the crum­pet. But then I have a strong urge to run away.”

Ste­fani has re­cently dis­cov­ered she has try­pophoiba – de­fined as an ac­tute fear of holes.

Peo­ple suf­fer­ing from try­popho­bia usu­ally fear tiny clus­ters of holes in meat, skin, plants, wood, sponges and hon­ey­comb.

These holes can make in­di­vid­u­als shud­der, their skin crawl, feel itchy and phys­i­cally sick at the sight of them.

Ste­fani added: “I have a prob­lem with holes in gen­eral. The other day I saw a group of straws point­ing up­wards at work and I was ter­ri­fied.

“I also hate Crunchies but my big­gest fear has al­ways been crum­pets. I can’t ex­plain why.”

“GOOD af­ter­noon,

in­con­ti­nence hot­line. Please

hold…” PANIC AS­NACK: Ste­fani can’t face be­ing near crum­pets

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