I do it as a treat, when he’s been a re­ally good boy!

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ALICE: Does the thought of the back hole do it for you? SARAH: Well, I’ve done it be­fore a few times. It doesn’t bother me re­ally, as long as you get some lube then it’s not too painful. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t do it of­ten – it’s more of a treat for my man when he’s been a good boy. So you’re not in­ter­ested in even try­ing it? ALICE: There’s no need to have any­thing up there when there’s a per­fectly good place in the front. That’s just be­ing greedy. I can only imag­ine it would hurt a lot and I can’t see the point. The idea of it seems a bit mucky. SARAH: If he gets you that posh Mul­berry bag you want at Christ­mas then you might re­lent. ALICE: With my par­ents just down the cor­ri­dor? I don’t think so!



Do you ever spice things up with kinky stuff? SARAH: Oc­ca­sion­ally. I quite like be­ing sub­mis­sive. It’s nice let­ting your part­ner take com­plete con­trol of you some­times. I wouldn’t go fur­ther than hand­cuffs be­cause I think it wouldn’t be much fun and it could eas­ily get out of con­trol. I nor­mally like be­ing on top and the power it wields be­cause I look down at him while I’m rid­ing him and he’s like putty in my hands. ALICE: I haven’t tried bondage but the thought of be­ing spanked by my part­ner re­ally turns me on. I might ask him to give it a go. I’d also quite like to spank him, there’s some­thing about a man’s bum that drives me wild – it’s the per­fect amount of fleshi­ness and mus­cle.

Hand­cuffs sound like good fun as well. Or maybe I’ll try your tac­tic and ride him into sub­mis­sion.

I can chant “you will buy me a Mul­berry hand­bag, you will buy me a Mul­berry hand­bag” and tease him to the brink of sub­mis­sion un­til he de­cides that I’m worth it.


SARAH: Well, see­ing as it’s Christ­mas time I’d quite like to get my fella in a Santa out­fit. I don’t know what it is, but the idea of go­ing and sit­ting on his knee whilst he’s wear­ing it gets me se­ri­ously ex­cited. ALICE: Santa? Are you be­ing se­ri­ous? SARAH: I don’t know why. Is that weird? Last year he put one on to take the presents into the kid’s rooms.

Af­ter­wards he came into the lounge and slumped on the sofa. I was like a wo­man pos­sessed. Poor Santa didn’t know what had hit him. ALICE: I bet he didn’t com­plain. SARAH: Did he hell! Af­ter a cou­ple of min­utes he was bang into it – ask­ing me if I’d been a good girl and all that.

But I wasn’t – I was a very, very bad girl! I’m go­ing to have to check he’s still got the cos­tume be­cause that will def­i­nitely be get­ting a re­prieve this year. Do you have any fan­tasies? ALICE: I don’t re­ally have any fes­tive-themed ones. Sorry, I’m not some closet Santa bonker like you. Mine is hav­ing sex in a ho­tel lift which is made from glass so ev­ery­one can see you as they are walk­ing past. The guy would hitch up my skirt, bend me over a bit and…well, you know!

The thought of peo­ple be­ing able to look up and watch me get­ting pum­melled is re­ally horny.


SARAH: What sex toys have you got? ALICE: I haven’t got any at the mo­ment but I’m go­ing to an Ann Sum­mers party this week­end and I’ve got my heart set on get­ting a Ram­pant Rab­bit. I’ve heard they can make you or­gasm in un­der 30 sec­onds, which is amaz­ing. SARAH: I’m hop­ing to get a vi­bra­tor soon, too. There’s a big red one I’ve seen that looks like it will do just the trick. Maybe we can ask for them in our Christ­mas stock­ings this year.


SARAH: Have you had a one-night stand? ALICE: Yeah, of course. I had about 10 when I was at col­lege – that’s the time for ex­per­i­ment­ing. I liked no strings-at­tached sex back then – it was lib­er­at­ing. SARAH: I’m not a fan. It’s aw­ful when you wake up in the morn­ing next to some­one you don’t know. ALICE: What? That’s why it’s fun! You can be as filthy as you bloody want with­out wor­ry­ing that peo­ple you know will find out.


SARAH: What’s the big­gest you’ve had? ALICE: I had a hol­i­day ro­mance with a guy I met when I was trav­el­ling in Aus­tralia and he had an enor­mous willy. It was about eight or nine inches and it hurt the first time. But af­ter that he was amaz­ing. SARAH: Do you pre­fer big wil­lies to small ones? ALICE: It de­pends on how ex­pe­ri­enced they are and how good they are in bed. Size isn’t that im­por­tant to me. SARAH: The big­gest one I’ve had was just over seven inches and that’s my hubby.

Sex with him is good be­cause he isn’t too big but it isn’t too small ei­ther. It is just right.

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