Bis­cuits are a beard of al­right, girls!

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WOMEN who eat too many cakes and bis­cuits run the risk of grow­ing BEARDS!

A new sur­vey by mar­ket re­searchers Min­tel found that get­ting fa­cial hair was one of the things women wor­ried about most.

But it warned that eat­ing sug­ary, re­fined car­bo­hy­drates causes in­sulin re­sis­tance, mean­ing the body cre­ates more in­sulin to lower blood su­gar lev­els, which could lead to un­sightly face fluff.

Women’s health ex­pert Mar­i­lyn Glenville ex­plained: “A raised in­sulin level may trig­ger growth fac­tors which make the ovaries pro­duce too much male hor­mone testos­terone, which can lead to ex­cess hair.”

Q. HOW do you know when an Es­sex girl is hav­ing

an or­gasm? A. She drops her


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