You can look at his face and see him en­joy­ing it

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re­ally go­ing about busi­ness se­ri­ously. JEN: There must be some other po­si­tions you en­joy get­ting into, though? LISA: Girl on top is nice. You can make sure you get him to hit the right spots and wrig­gle around un­til you do.

I like it from be­hind some­times, as well. Quite a lot, ac­tu­ally. I love it be­cause it makes me feel sex­ier and ruder. If your bum is lifted up

their in the air it makes it look firmer too. Plus they can’t see your belly.

I also like spoons when you are cud­dling and they just en­ter you from be­hind. And I re­ally en­joy do­ing it in front of a mir­ror be­cause you can look at his face and see how much he’s en­joy­ing it.

For me it’s not all about po­si­tion but the time of day. I love it in the morn­ings when I’ve just wo­ken up. He does, too. I think that cov­ers just about every­thing!


JEN: Do you have any­thing that gets you all ex­cited? LISA: I’ve al­ways wanted to go on a night out and meet some­one I don’t know. It would be pas­sion­ate and he would lift up my skirt and do me be­hind some club. We wouldn’t even talk to each other, re­ally. We’d just have pure an­i­mal sex. JEN: The idea of do­ing it in the open is ex­cit­ing for me. That’s my al­ways on my mind. LISA: I reckon it all de­pends where you’re do­ing it? Back in col­lege I saw one girl, a right goer, have it off in the ath­let­ics sand­pit, you know, for the long jump. Ev­ery­one could see them. It was shock­ing. I think they got ex­pelled. JEN: Classy!


JEN: Do you plea­sure? LISA: I love it. I think his think it’s as sexy as hell! JEN: If I’m with some­one I care about, I en­joy giv­ing them be­cause it gives him such a lot of plea­sure. Plus I am good at it – just ask any­one who has had one. I’m top dog! LISA: There’s that eter­nal ques­tion about what to do with it, but I find I get so horny and wrapped up in the whole mo­ment I don’t even think about it. JEN: I don’t par­tic­u­larly like that bit, but it’s never put me off!

like giv­ing


JEN: Do his di­men­sions mat­ter, would you say? LISA: I don’t think it does, not a lot. If they’re smaller they tend to know it and com­pen­sate in other ways – ways I rather like, as it hap­pens! JEN: I think it de­pends on what does it for you. Size has never been a fac­tor in mak­ing me reach a cli­max, though I do like the sight of a big one. It seems to prom­ise so much more, even if it doesn’t de­liver. LISA: It doesn’t mat­ter to me, as long as it is not too small. JEN: Can you have some­one who is too small? I’ve not had a small one. It must be rot­ten for the guy in­volved. LISA: What’s the big­gest you’ve ever climbed on? JEN: It would be about eight inches. I’m not very good at mea­sur­ing but I’d say that was a good guess. LISA: Yes, my big­gest was about that too but his was about two inches wide as well. I liked that!


JEN: Have you had a stand­out sex ses­sion? LISA: You know I have, with that guy I met a cou­ple of months ago. He was Lat­vian, or some­thing like that. It was good be­cause, not only did he know what he was do­ing, over the space of nine hours we did it seven times, which is pretty im­pres­sive.

If a guy can get it up seven times and do some­thing for the girl, he de­serves a medal for ser­vices to wom­ankind! How about your per­sonal best? JEN: Mine was with some­one I liked for ages and it was ex­cel­lent. It shouldn’t have hap­pened, but that made it all the bet­ter.

We just con­nected and the sex was out of this world. It was def­i­nitely the best I’ve ever had. Ooh, I’m feel­ing all horny just think­ing about it!


JEN: How do you feel about ca­sual one night af­fairs? LISA: They are all right. You can let go and en­joy your­self. JEN: I have had a cou­ple. They are good be­cause you can do things you would nor­mally be too em­bar­rassed to do. If I was with some­one I liked, I would try to im­press but with a one night stand I would just get on with it and have a good time. JEN: They are good be­cause you can have fun and you don’t have to see them again af­ter­wards.

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