WITH TE­GAN I just can’t stop romp­ing with mate’s fit fella

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Dear Te­gan, I HAVE a ter­ri­ble se­cret I want to get off my chest.

This sounds aw­ful, I know, but I have been se­cretly bonk­ing my best friend’s fella.

There is ab­so­lutely no ex­cuse for such treach­ery but let me set the scene so you know the full story.

I am a 31-year-old brunette with small but very pert boobs and a tight bum – my pride and joy.

So far my love life has been a mixed bag of one-night stands and the odd mid-length re­la­tion­ship which have al­ways ended in tears.


I seem to be able to pick ei­ther the randy lads who want “wham, bam, thank you mam” or a com­plete bas­tard who treats me like roy­alty be­fore turn­ing into a nasty sh*t.

So, as you can imag­ine, I have be­come rather picky when it comes to blokes.

I get plenty of of­fers, par­tic­u­larly when I’m out with my mates as they are all pretty stun­ning.

But… let’s just say my Ram­pant Rab­bit vi­bra­tor has been a busy boy this year. You get the idea.

Any­way, my best friend had been a fel­low sin­gle­ton for a while – un­til a few months ago when she met this chap on a work’s team-build­ing week­end. They were sent to the back of be­yond to go ab­seil­ing, build rafts and the like. Sounds like a night­mare, I know, but she just hap­pened to cop off with this fit fella from an­other of­fice and they went at it like mad things all week­end.

He lives about 20 miles away so comes to visit all the time. I was re­ally happy for her – that was un­til she had to work one week­end and asked me to look af­ter him.

I didn’t mind as he is re­ally good com­pany – a right laugh.

But as the day un­folded it be­came ob­vi­ous that he wanted to jump my bones.

It was lit­tle things like a lin­ger­ing touch on the hand and se­ri­ous eye con­tact that gave his game away.

I man­aged to re­sist un­til mid-af­ter­noon, by which time I was gag­ging for it.

We ended up at my flat, where we ripped off each other’s clothes and humped on the couch.

He had a big willy which sent me wild – I have never had so many or­gasms.

Now I feel guilty as sin, but can’t get this hunk out of my head . I’ve met him a few more times in se­cret – and the sex has been even bet­ter. What should I do? Help!

VC, Da­gen­ham Te­gan says: THERE’S one thing girls don’t do and that is bonk their mates’ fel­las. End it now, never ut­ter a word to your pal and hope he can do the same. I CAN’T be­lieve I’m shar­ing this with you and the Sport read­ers, but I sup­pose it is the sea­son of good­will.

I’m a randy lit­tle minx who can never get enough sex. You’d think that would be an easy ap­petite to sate, but it’s not that straight­foward.

So I have come up with a bril­liant scheme to hook some will­ing wil­lies.

The amaz­ing an­swer to my car­nal crav­ings is… com­puter geeks!

I have dis­cov­ered that while they spend all their day locked away tin­ker­ing with their key­boards and joy­sticks, given half a chance they love spend­ing their evenings conkers-deep in babes. I have been on loads of techie fo­rums, chat­ting up my own ver­sion of the IT Crowd, and I have not been dis­ap­pointed.

OK, they are not you con­ven­thional hunks, but they are will­ing to learn and I am the per­fcet teacher. Do you think I am weird go­ing for the geeks when it comes to my need for nookie?

CV, Lu­ton Te­gan says:

NOT at all. If you can log-on for lov­ing then good luck to you. I might even give it a go my­self!

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