Stuffed by nosy park-ers!

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Dear Krys­tal, WHY can’t some peo­ple keep their noses out of other peo­ple’s busi­ness.

I got a bloody fine the other day just be­cause some stuck-up snobs de­cided to com­plain while me and my fella were hav­ing a spot of fun.

We’d had a cou­ple of pints of cider in the pub, then gone to the park with a few cans and some crisps.

He got a bit fruity – like he al­ways does when he’s had a drink, bless him – and shoved his hand into my tracky bottoms and started get­ting me horny.

Pretty soon he’s streched me out on the bench, pulled off his stuff and he’s giv­ing me a good see­ing-to.

It felt great, what with all the healthy fresh air and him go­ing at it and me with my legs round his neck – what could be more nat­u­ral.

But then some stuck-up cow comes over with a crowd of oth­ers and a toy­town cop and we get hauled off.

They’re a bloody pain, aren’t they?

Krys­tal says:

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