WITH HOLLY KENT I’ve never felt so rich since I found my new girl­friend

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Dear Holly, VALEN­TINE’S Day is com­ing up and I’d like your opin­ion on a gift I’m think­ing of giv­ing my girl­friend.

She’s a dream and I’m re­ally lucky to have her. She’s blonde, has a very big bust, is slim and likes to wear tiny dresses which just about cover her bot­tom.

I can barely be­lieve my luck, given that I’m not all that tall, about five stone over­weight, bald and over 40.

But I met her as she stood out­side a club hav­ing a cig­a­rette at two in the morn­ing. She looked fairly cold and I pulled up in my new Bent­ley, wound down the win­dow and asked her if she was al­right.


She jumped in even be­fore I’d asked her, but I didn’t mind be­cause her skirt rode up so far as she sat down I could her knick­ers.

“Let’s go back to yours,” she said, even though we hadn’t yet in­tro­duced our­selves. So I drove off and headed to my house on the out­skirts of town.

As the elec­tric gates slid open and we made our way up the drive to the main en­trance, she seemed to me to look a lot cheerier than she had done a short while ear­lier.

I led her in and asked her to make her­self com­fort­able in the main lounge. I let Cuth­bert­son mix us a cock­tail then told him he could re­tire, which he did with an in­ex­pli­ca­ble wink at me.

As the log fire blazed, we sat to­gether and talked, me telling her about how my in­ter­na­tional soft­ware firm was go­ing from strength to strength, she telling me about how she’d sud­denly got fed up with her boyfriend, who didn’t seem to be go­ing any­where as a foot­baller in a lowly league.

I’ll con­fess I was feel­ing a bit shaky, not hav­ing had too much ex­pe­ri­ence with the fair sex. So when she reached across and put her hand on the top of my thigh, leaned for­ward so I could see right down her top and looked at me with an ex­pres­sion I’ve never seen be­fore, I felt a great deal of warmth.

Her hand started work­ing up and down over my groin area and be­fore I knew it she had taken Mr Chip­per out of my un­der­pants and do­ing ex­tra­or­di­nary things with him with her mouth and hands.

I didn’t re­ally know what to do, ex­cept stum­ble to the loo with my trousers round my an­kles for some tis­sue to wipe up the in­evitable mess I made on the set­tee’s dark vel­vet up­hol­stery.

I was mor­ti­fied but she didn’t seem to mind at all, tak­ing off all her clothes so I could see her fab­u­lous body, then climb­ing on me so I could slide into her

We cou­pled for quite a time, af­ter which I in­sisted she stay in my be­d­room suite, which she did.

I’ve seen her a few times since and I’m fairly cer­tain that I’m in love, even though she seems quite se­cre­tive about her past and what she does.

Any­way, I’m go­ing to buy her a big di­a­mond neck­lace for the big day. Will that be enough?

Holly says:

KM, Read­ing

IT might just do! SEEMS like you have a healthy ap­petite for work and sex. Take a few more days off!

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