Night out was a bummer

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Dear An­nie, I WOKE up the other morn­ing with my trousers down and a very sore bot­tom.

It was the morn­ing af­ter a mate’s Stag Night and I dis­tinctly re­mem­ber we’d all de­cided to go to an area where work­ing girls plied their trade and treat the soonto-be-wed pal to a last il­licit legover.

Any­way, we went to this busy pub where there was a drag act on and a lot of noise and singing and that.

I seem to re­call this tall lass chat­ting to me at the bar with a lot of make-up and big hair and me think­ing ‘any port in a storm’ and leav­ing with her.

I must have been well up for it as I have vague mem­o­ries of grop­ing and kiss­ing her on the bed be­fore all the drink I’d had took its toll.

Next day, though, she was gone and I had this aw­ful feel­ing ‘he’ was a ‘she’. I’m not a gay, am I?

TW, Hull An­nie says:

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