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6. In their FA Cup 5th round match against Liver­pool, how many goals did Brighton score? 7. Hard-up Bri­tain’s MPS? have blown £110K over three years on

what? 8. A man stuck in a snow­drift in his car sur­vived only on melted ice for how long be­fore be­ing

found alive?

11. Who do the Bri­tish

b) Drive lor­ries c) Stack shelves at ASDA d) Run a Punch and Judy show

a) £1.3mil­lion b) £2.5mil­lion c) £3.8mil­lion d) £5.2mil­lion a) 1 b) 0 c) 4 (in­clud­ing own goals) d) 2

a) Toi­let pa­per b) Flow­ers c) Jazz mags d) Mois­turiser

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