AS ‘GAY SLAYER’ COLIN IRE­LAND IS RE­VEAL WHAT SICK KILLER THOUGHT I sat with the bod­ies them go cold. I re­mem­ber the over­whelm­ing smell

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Walker was en­joy­ing a drink in his favourite wa­ter­ing hole, pop­u­lar gay haunt The Cole­herne in Kens­ing­ton, south west London, when he caught the eye of a burly, bull-necked man with a cropped, mil­i­tarystyle hair­cut.

Em­bold­ened by a drink, the theatre di­rec­tor and chore­og­ra­pher soon found him­self chat­ting to the stranger and dur­ing the course of their ever more in­ti­mate con­ver­sa­tion, ad­mit­ted he liked be­ing beaten up dur­ing sex.

The pair fin­ished their drinks and, af­ter his new friend picked up his ruck­sack, they caught a taxi back to Peter’s flat in Bat­tersea.

Peter, 45, was not to know that in­side his friend’s ruck­sack were some gloves, duct tape, a knife, lengths of sail­ing cord and a change of cloth­ing – a mo­bile mur­der kit.

Once in­side the flat, Peter shut his two dogs, a Labrador and Ger­man shep­herd, into the liv­ing room and led his new chum into the be­d­room.

With his con­sent, the man tied Peter naked to the four poster bed. As he then lay there, spread-ea­gled, the man punched him and whipped him with a dog lead.

He then fetched a plas­tic bag from the kitchen, placed it over Peter’s head, and be­gan to suf­fo­cate him.

He pulled the bag off at the last mo­ment, as Peter thrashed around for air. Peter fi­nally gasped: “I’m go­ing to die.”

The man leaned over and said: “Yes, you are.” And then fin­ished him off with the bag.

Colin Ire­land had made his first kill.

Ire­land later told po­lice: “I took the bag away and told him how easy it was to end it all. It was a fate thing.”

Once Peter was dead, Ire­land burnt his pu­bic hair to see what it smelled like.

Then – while ri­fling through his vic­tim’s draw­ers – he came across a let­ter in­form­ing Peter he was Hiv-pos­i­tive.

Dis­gusted, he fur­ther de­filed the man’s body – stuff­ing con­doms into his mouth and nos­trils and ar­rang­ing two of his teddy bears in the 69 po­si­tion next to the corpse.

He stayed at the flat all night, watch­ing TV and eat­ing Peter’s food. Then he cleaned up af­ter him­self, leav­ing dur­ing morn­ing rush hour so as to be less con­spic­u­ous.

He would later tell po­lice: “Af­ter killing Walker, I walked down the road and thought that any­one who saw my face would be able to see that I had just killed some­body.

“I re­mem­bered los­ing my vir­gin­ity and I re­mem­bered the feel­ing – I was buzzing.”

Two days af­ter the mur­der Ire­land phoned The Sun news­pa­per and told a re­porter: “I’ve killed a man.”

Af­ter giv­ing Peter’s ad­dress, he added: “I am call­ing you be­cause I am wor­ried about the dogs. I want them let out.”

Af­ter a brief pause, he said: “I killed him. It was my New Year’s res­o­lu­tion to kill a hu­man be­ing. He was a ho­mo­sex­ual into kinky sex. You like that sort of stuff, don’t you?”

With two mar­riages be­hind him and the loss of his job, Ire­land, 39 at the time, was bit­ter about life. He wanted to be “some­body” – so he de­cided to be­come ase­rial killer.

He’d read books about se­rial killers and learned he had to kill at least five peo­ple to be af­forded the du­bi­ous ti­tle. He de­cided his vic­tims would be gay, sado­masochis­tic men.

Peter Walker was his first vic­tim. There would be four more.

num­ber two would come three months later on May 30, 1993. Thirty-seven-yearold li­brar­ian Christopher Dunn also met Ire­land in The Cole­herne, and ad­mit­ted he liked to be dom­i­nated.

They were soon back at his flat in Weald­stone, north-west London, drink­ing wine and watch­ing an S&M video.

A col­league, wor­ried that Christopher had not turned up for work, found his body the next morn­ing. He had been bound and gagged and was found in a leather har­ness.

Be­fore stran­gling him with a ny­lon cord, Ire­land had forced his vic­tim to give him his PIN num­ber – burn­ing his gen­i­tals with a lighter to make sure it was the right one. Later, he would take £200 from his bank ac­count.

But first, like with his first vic­tim, he would stay the night. He later told po­lice: “It’s strange but now I re­mem­ber over­whelm­ing things – death and what it smells like. When peo­ple have been stran­gled, they break wind – that’s what it smells like.

“I think if I’d killed these peo­ple and just gone, I wouldn’t have been af­fected men­tally so much, but sit­ting with these bod­ies like five or six hours, watch­ing them grad­u­ally blotch as they go cold… it wasn’t some­thing I think I could cope with, quite hon­estly.”

But cops at first didn’t think Christopher was mur­dered – con­clud­ing in­stead that he had died ac­ci­den­tally dur­ing a kinky S&M sex game.

Five days later, 35-year-old Amer­i­can sales di­rec­tor Perry Bradley was drink­ing in The Cole­herne. He too left with Ire­land, re­turn­ing to his home nearby in Kens­ing­ton.

Perry was ini­tially reluc­tant to be tied up, but Ire­land told him he couldn’t get an erec­tion with­out S&M be­ing in­volved. He then stran­gled him to death, took £100 from his wal­let and, later – as he’d tor­tured Perry’s PIN out of him – a fur­ther £200 from his bank ac­count.

By now, Ire­land was on a ram­page. Three days af­ter mur­der­ing Perry, he went back to the same pub in search of fresh meat. He found 33-yearold nurs­ing home care worker An­drew Col­lier.

At An­drew’s flat in Dal­ston, east London, the younger man read­ily agreed to be tied up for sex – and was soon dead by stran­gu­la­tion.

But as Ire­land then made his cus­tom­ary prowl around his vic­tim’s flat, he found that Christopher – like Peter

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