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FRISKY Lucy Pin­der is lov­ing the balmy spring weather – be­cause it means she can in­dulge in love for out­door NOOKIE!

Brunette babe Lucy, 28, says her nip­ples are ul­tra sen­si­tive to the cold, so she can’t get it on in the fresh air dur­ing win­ter.

But with tem­per­a­tures hit­ting 19C yes­ter­day she can bonk away to her heart’s con­tent.

The 32G stunna said: “My nips hate the cold! They go into sen­si­tiv­ity over­drive and keep send­ing me sub­lim­i­nal mes­sages, or­der­ing me to put more lay­ers on.

“I’m a fan of sex out­doors, but not when it’s freez­ing.

“It’s a good job I’m not an eskimo as I’d lead a bor­ing, sex­less ex­is­tence.”

The Winch­ester lass re­vealed how she likes her huge boobs to be played with. She said: “Be gen­tle. Don’t go in all heavy-handed. No ‘grabby-grabby’ un­less it’s re­quested by the girl her­self.

“Boobs are sen­si­tive things.”

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