Dishy Danny makes me wet & wild!


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Dear Jemma, TELL me I’m mad, tell me I’m crazy – but I just can’t get enough of Danny Dyer.

Most peo­ple can’t stick the wannabe Cockey w*nker, but for some rea­son his lu­di­crous ac­cent and laugh­able per­sona make me want to bang the crap out of him.

I’m a 30-year-old woman who has had a few bad lads in my time.

I don’t like pretty boys and much pre­fer the com­pany of rough fel­las who know how to han­dle them­selves in the bar and the be­d­room.

That’s why my in­fat­u­a­tion with Danny is bizarre as he is ob­vi­ously not a hard nut at all.


I know lots of peo­ple have strange fan­tasties, from be­ing treated like a baby to poo games (yeuch!), but just the sight of de­li­cious Dyer in his white train­ers and Ser­gio Tac­chni track­suits makes me so hot.

I have been known to watch

four times in one night and had to ap­ply ice to my nether re­gion af­ter­wards due to the fre­netic fid­dling ses­sion in front my my telly.

So please, please, please help me.

I feel I am los­ing my mind! Jemma says: YOU naughty boy! I think it might be time to come clean with your wife and find an­other boozer – if she lets you out again, that is.

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