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Dear Han­nah, DON’T ask me how but I’ve man­aged to get my­self in with a crowd of New Age hip­pie women – all in­cense burn­ing and can­dles and shit like that.

They started to come into my lo­cal and sit­ting in a group near the pool ta­ble where I spend most of my time with my mates.

I spot­ted that a cou­ple of them were pretty fit, de­spite all the odd-look­ing clothes and East­ern san­dals and that.

I got chat­ting to them in be­tween pool shots, then bought them drinks and found out their names and where they lived – they’d rented a flat near the seafront and the four of them shared the place.

A few nights later, a Fri­day as it hap­pens, they’d clearly smoked some­thing and were in a great mood and in­vited me back to theirs.


I was a bit shocked when I got there as it was all a bit strange, what with no chairs, just cush­ions ev­ery­where, no telly, but stacks of old vinyl and a record player – some­thing I hadn’t seen in years.

Any­way, they lit loads of can­dles, poured some Jack Daniels and rolled up a few more of their funny smokes as I lounged on one of the cush­ions.

I was mel­low­ing out nicely when a cou­ple of them be­gan to kiss and fon­dle each other.

I couldn’t be­lieve my eyes, or my luck, but away they went, fum­bling over and un­der their clothes and slowly strip­ping.

As some 70s pro­gres­sive crap was build­ing up on the player they were get­ting more and more into it – and so was I.

The other pair sat ei­ther side of me watch­ing the two go at it, to­tally bare now and in a 69 po­si­tion, lap­ping and lick­ing at each other deeply and mak­ing noises that had me itch­ing to join them.

I think the girls next to me sensed my frus­tra­tion and one of them reached across and grebbed my swollen man­hood through my trousers and gave me a peck on the cheek. The other one pulled off my shoes and socks and then un­did my belt and pulled down my trousers and pants.

The other one took off my shirt, and her own clothes, and kissed and licked my chest as her friend gripped my mem­ber and eased her fist up and down, putting me in her moth from time to time.

What with this and the sight of the other cou­ple lezzing it up on the floor, I damn nearly ex­ploded there and then.

But I think the girl on my knob could feel that and did a clever trick with my balls that pulled me back from the brink.

Next, she was low­er­ing her­self down onto me while her friend pushed me back and sat on my face.

By this time the other two had fin­ished and were suck­ing the boobs of the girls on top of me – a sight which was just too much for me and my head swam as I un­leashed my­self. It was amaz­ing!

Any­way, I’ve de­cided I want to be a hip­pie now, but is it too un­cool?

Les, Bournemouth

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