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un­com­fort­able. Frankly, I pre­fer be­ing naked to dress­ing up as a nurse.

I love sexy un­der­wear, though, so I al­ways dress up in that. Nice un­der­wear is a must, whether it’s day to day or in the be­d­room. My favourite is lacy French knick­ers and a nice bra – you can’t beat it. WHAT ABOUT OUT­DOOR SEX? Yeah, like I said, I’ve done it on a beach on hol­i­day. It was fun, and also pretty sexy – the risk of get­ting caught turned me on.

I would try it out­side some­where else, maybe in a park or the woods? I like go­ing for long coun­try walks but some­times it does get a bit dull – a bit of nookie in the woods would liven things up! DO YOU WATCH PORN? Who doesn’t? It’s a fun way to pass the time and al­ways gets me in the mood. I don’t watch it all the time but some­times I’ll put some porn on and have a bit of fun on my own!

I watch it with guys, too. I like copy­ing what they’re do­ing on the film. It’s good for in­spi­ra­tion – you can learn a lot of tips and tricks from it! EVER MADE ANY XXX FILMS? I’ve done a bit of girl-on -girl stuff but noth­ing too hard­core. I don’t think I’d do it with a guy though, I like to keep that pri­vate. THREESOMES? Never had the op­por­tu­nity. It’s not some­thing I’d rule out, but I’m not des­per­ate for one. I’d do it with two girls if I was go­ing to have one rather than two guys.

Girls are more fun to mess around with, and I’m not sure if I would feel all that com­fort­able with two men.

I wouldn’t to­tally rule out a guy and a girl but I wouldn’t want to do it with a boyfriend – I don’t like to share my man!

MY mis­sus has a tat­too of a seashell on her in­ner thigh. If you put your ear next to it, I swear you can smell the



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