Big boobed girl had ’em OFF on telly

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MEGA-BOOBED Doris was the star of this week’s hit Chan­nel 4 show Em­bar­rass­ing Bod­ies.

She had amaz­ing nat­u­ral 36K boobs but had them re­duced – be­cause they were ru­in­ing her life!

The 27-year-old said: “I feel I am very huge and they are re­ally un­com­fort­able and em­bar­rass­ing.”

Crip­pled with back and shoul­der pain and strug­gling to find a bra big enough to fit her, Doris went un­der the knife and the grue­some op was shown on telly as the sur­geon re­moved flesh weigh­ing a STONE!

At the end of the show she re­vealed she was over the moon with her new 36D boobs.

“I have my con­fi­dence back,” she beamed.

“Peo­ple no longer point and stare at me. I feel so much bet­ter!” IN to­tal I’ve been do­ing it for 20 years now. I wasn’t re­ally earn­ing all that much as a trol­ley dolly so I started do­ing a bit of strip­ping and dom­i­na­trix work on the side.

And then one day a fel­low fe­male dom­i­na­trix told me about the money to be made talk­ing dirty to guys on the phone sex lines.

And af­ter giv­ing it a whirl I soon re­alised I was re­ally good at it! I’ve al­ways been very sex­u­ally-minded and I love talk­ing about naughty things. The fact I make such good money do­ing it is just an added bonus!

Now I do ev­ery­thing – phone chat, we­b­cam and di­rect mes­sag­ing, where the pun­ters can type a mes­sage to me and then I can type one straight back.

I ab­so­lutely love it. Ev­ery chat is dif­fer­ent and I’ve got a re­ally good rap­port with my clients. I take calls on my mo­bile 24/7.

You’ve got to be a good lis­tener – as well as hav­ing an ab­so­lutely filthy mind!

At the end of the day a lot of them are just w*nk­ing be­cause they are bored and lonely and I can make them happy. I’m very good at what I do and I love it. It never feels like work!

My life is such a nice bal­ance – on one hand I’m this lit­tle hippy who doesn’t drink and doesn’t smoke and doesn’t eat meat and then on the other I am this dirty bitch do­ing filthy chat! I GET quite a few calls about bes­tial­ity. Men want to talk about hav­ing sex with an­i­mals!

It doesn’t re­ally shock me any­more. Each to their own.

Them t al king t o me prob­a­bly stops them go­ing out i nto the f i elds and bum­ming the near­est sheep!

And there are quite a few men who want to talk about wee and poo.

For me noth­ing is taboo. There is one guy who ab­so­lutely loves poo talk, and he rings four or five times ev­ery week. I tell him how I’m go­ing to use him for my toi­let roll. I de­scribe how I’ll save my money and use his mouth as my toi­let pa­per.

And he’s so ex­cited he barely lasts a few sec­onds be­fore he’s cum­ming down the end of the phone.

I think I’m such a pop­u­lar phone sex girl be­cause I’m so open-minded about these things.

Ev­ery­one has their own fan­tasies, and it’s the things they could never ad­mit to their wives or part­ners.

An­other re­ally com­mon one is how men want to shag their wife’s mum!

Hon­estly, I get the moth­erin-law one dozens of times each week. It ac­tu­ally makes a lot of sense if you think about it.


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